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Reading confirms that their stadium has been renamed for the next 10 years

The reading confirms that their stadium will be renamed for the next 10 years, which many EFL did earlier this summer.

Fans reacted with mixed opinions as the royals’ home will no longer be known as the Madejski Stadium and has instead been renamed Select Car Leasing Stadium.

The championship club said the deal will help them achieve their long-term goals “at a time when financial accountability and self-sustaining income generation are more important than ever” in football.


The Royals house, which has been renamed as a long-term partner, Select Car Leasing, gives our stadium a name

Our 150th anniversary season gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the history of this club. And it also motivates us to take a step into the future and everything that lies ahead for the royals.

And in a partnership that will help support Reading Football Club and its long-term stability, we are pleased to announce that our house will be branded as the Select Car Leasing Stadium for the next ten years.

As a locally based company founded in 2004 and headquartered in the immediate vicinity of the stadium complex, the current main partners Select Car Leasing are the UK’s leading independent car and van leasing specialists.

Directors James O’Malley and Mark Tongue are both lifelong supporters of the Royals and current season ticket holders of the club – and this historic stadium sponsorship deal is an extension of an already successful long-standing partnership with Reading Football Club.

A valued partner of the club since 2015, Select became our lead partner this summer by signing up to a record-breaking jersey sponsorship deal for the next three years. Now, the thriving local organization has not only chosen to extend this shirt sponsorship deal through 2026, but has expanded its partnership to rename the royals’ stadium for the next decade.

While there has always been the potential to enter into similar stadium branding agreements with other organizations, it was imperative for us to choose a partner with an affinity for the club, its supporters and the city. Select was the natural choice as a company built and grown by locals with a strong sense of community. Select Car Leasing are the perfect solution.

And as loyal supporters, O’Malley and Tongue have a deep and sincere respect for former Royals Chairman Sir John Madejski – the man whose vision was to relocate the Royals and whose 1998 investment was required to keep our RG2 home an integral part of their decision to give the stadium their corporate name, an agreement to celebrate its influence in shaping the club we all love today by renaming the East Stand The Sir John Madejski Stand. His legacy will live on.

“We’re excited to welcome Royals fans to the Select Car Leasing Stadium,” said Mark Tongue, co-founder of Select Car Leasing. โ€œThis is an incredibly proud moment for us, both as a company and personally as a supporter of Reading.

โ€œIt started as a pipe dream. When James and I started this business in the back room of a house in Reading, we watched the royals advance to the Premier League, joking that one day the Select Car Leasing name would be associated with the blue and white tires. Now the dream comes true. We are enthusiastic about Select Car Leasing and its solidarity with Reading Football Club and we are personally delighted to be able to give something back to the club that we have both supported for so long.

โ€œThe stadium’s foundations were built on the success of Sir John Madejski’s AutoTrader company, and as a Reading-based automotive company that now employs nearly 300 people in the local community, we believe that between the great beginnings of this stadium there is a tangible synergy and its bright future.

โ€œSir John made an insurmountable contribution to both Reading Football Club and its community. We have been given the baton, but Sir John Madejski’s legacy is protected for future generations.

Reading confirms that their stadium has been renamed for the next 10 years

CEO Dayong Pang said, โ€œOn behalf of the club, I would like to personally welcome Mark, James and the entire Select Car Leasing family to Reading Football Club. As a successful local company that employs local people, supports its local club and gives something back to its community, Select Car Leasing is the perfect partner. I look forward to working with them in our 150th anniversary season and beyond as our main partner until 2031. “

Select now has a customer base with a fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles and has established partnerships with global auto dealers and retailers, as well as the UK’s largest auto finance companies, to secure the best car and van leases in the market. In addition to being the UK’s largest private vehicle leasing company, Select Car Leasing is also the most recommended leasing company in the country, according to Trustpilot.

This stadium sponsorship comes at a time when financial responsibility and self-sustaining income are more important than ever in football. So the agreement with Select is another positive step in helping the club achieve its long-term goals.


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Twitter users reacted when Reading confirmed that their stadium would be renamed for the next 10 years …

@ AbiGoulding13: What’s wrong with sticking to the original stadium names and then just adding โ€œSponsored by XXXโ€ at the end? All that branding of stadiums with company names is ridiculous

@ garyfleming14: Because when it comes to Sky Sports and EFL highlights, Select Car Leasing is not mentioned, only โ€œin the Madejski Stadiumโ€. Most of the branding is done through them and not through ticket sales

@benmrowe: God, I absolutely hate everything about it except that it’s a local business. Yet it illustrates all of the problems in football over the past few decades, not just in Reading. The soul is gone. Money money money.

@persandwichman: 10-year lease, there is a balloon payment at the end where you can buy the stadium directly! ๐Ÿ˜… #readingfc

@BelfastBiscuit: Over 60 points must also be paid ยฃ 1.50 per point.

@ ChrisMcC1871: Aside from the fact that the new name is a bit bite-sized ๐Ÿ˜Š this is a big plus; a local business rented out by local fans to increase financial support for their local team. Nice gesture to rename the east stand after Sir John

@OhMyGerardz: SCL stadium doesn’t sound bad ๐Ÿ‘€

@RussellBeaven: I think it’s the right balance, Madejski has part of the stagnation legacy and no one will forget what he did for the club. The new naming rights will give us some income and stability that we honestly need now.

@TwoTeam_FC: Slightly annoying that they made it specifically for the 150th anniversary, but it will always be known as Mad Stad.

@ fenners100: It is the modern game that is out now. It will always be the Mad Stad (like St James Park Newcastle) but its money for the club (which we need) it’s local guys / fans and it’s not a gambling company. Win-win for me! #readingfc

@ 1871M1C4H: In our eyes it will always be Madejski

@naithanxbasra: Fair play sounds a bit tragic, but it needs funding.

@ AndyP1982: Absolutely awful name #alwaysbethemadesjki

@ JamieCollis1995: Part and package are renamed stadiums every day now, but a nice touch to name a booth after John Madejski and it will be a big income for the club

@ Jimbo77James: Mad stad bruv ๐Ÿ˜Ž

@DirtyDigne: ‘Select Car Leasing Stadium’ is up there with ‘Bet 365 Stadium’ as the most terrifying name for a floor I’ve ever heard

@BBABirmingham: It does not work

@ tashton2306: Will always be the Madejski Stadium.

@readingfclens: Nope. It’s still the Mad Stad. End of discussion.

@ cafc95: Most tinpot thing I’ve ever seen. The very designation of a stadium as a selected car leasing stadium deserves immediate liquidation

@Lewis_Daffern: What a name ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

@ BenRFC89: I would have hated that a few years ago, but it makes commercial and operational sense. Good to see it’s a local company and not a giant that doesn’t care about our club. The SCL stadium is then … but still the Mad Stad ๐Ÿ˜‚

@ainscough_jacob: People who complain about it are real weirdos

@GregBeaven: Very catchy, just rolls off your tongue.

@ MartinR21 again: Words fail me, I am disappointed that Sir John Madjeski’s contribution to Reading Football Club and the city of Reading in general has been honored its stadium name. A sad turn of events when ‘He who pays the piper sets the tone!’ Isn’t that the truth. Long live MAD STAD!

@ 1871M1C4H: ten years? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

@ArchiePyman: Much better the Madjeski Stadium

@ TristanAllen5: An inevitable and commercially the right decision, but … Yuck.

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