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The cryptic temporary post of Newcastle star Saint-Maximin

Newcastle star Allan Saint-Maximin may have hinted with a cryptic post on Twitter that he is dissatisfied with how the toon outfit is handled.

The 24-year-old shared a quote on Twitter attributed to genius Albert Einstein as a fleet. These are essentially the equivalent of an Instagram story and only stay active for 24 hours.

The entertaining Newcastle attacker shared a testimony from Einstein, who researched Business Insider a few years ago and found that those words were never really said by a great spirit.

Saint-Maximin insisted in an interview with Sky Sports just before the end of the season that the Magpies shouldn’t “fight relegation”, adding that “supporters” deserve a challenge for the top 10.

Some may take the Saint-Maximin fleet as an indication of the club’s lack of signings this summer, given his previous comments on the club’s ambitions, but it could mean anything.

The Frenchman might just have been hissing about something in his personal life, although the social media king doesn’t usually tend to use the Twitter platform for that purpose.

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Saint-Maximin has been one of the few upset for the Magpies since signing a deal worth up to £ 20million in 2019, according to the Guardian. The last thing the club needs is to be insecure.

The tricky wide-man has scored six goals and provided eight assists in 51 Premier League games for Newcastle, which doesn’t really tell the real story of how important he is to their attack.

We will find out over the next few weeks how Saint-Maximin is really feeling about his activities on social media, it will be interesting to see if the ace uses Fleets (which are on the way on Twitter) or broadcast his thoughts on traditional way.

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