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Gattuso criticizes the move to Tottenham

Ultimately, Rino Gattuso’s appointment at Tottenham Hotspur wasn’t supposed to be and Daniel Levy eventually chose Nuno Espirito Santo to help move the club forward. However, the Italian is still boiling over how he was eventually overlooked.

By the time his name was in the frame and mentioned as a potential candidate, there was public excitement over his alleged views on certain issues.

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Obviously, his anger that he missed the hot seat on White Hart Lane has not gone.

Respected journalist Tancredi Palmeri took note of Gattuso’s words through a Twitter post early Monday morning.

“I can’t forget what happened in Tottenham. The homophobic allegations? I can’t tell you how disappointed I am, “it said.

“I have been described in a way that I am not. I couldn’t even fight back. I couldn’t explain to England that it wasn’t me. It hurt me more than any defeat. “

The proverb “mud stick” could of course also apply to Gattuso in the future and hinder all other employment opportunities he deems right.

As a result, Tottenham fans will never know how well his passionate management carried over into the Premier League as a result.

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