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Varane can get number 4 at Man United if Jones leaves number

There are three familiar shirt numbers that Raphael Varane is likely to appeal to should he seal an expected transfer to Manchester United this summer. 90 minutes have dealt with each option.

The Manchester Evening News have suggested that United is “getting closer every day” to closing a deal for Varane, who is expected to join the Red Devils this summer.

Fans will already know that the star center-back is already wearing the number five for Real Madrid, but it does not seem possible for Varane to take on this replacement as he is currently being taken over by Harry Maguire.

Given Maguire’s solid performances last season and the fact that he is the club’s captain, it would be very surprising if Varane were to join this summer.

Varane wore the No. 19 jersey in his debut season with Los Blancos but then took over the No. 2 jersey for four years. The latter would be another unlikely option at United as it is used by Victor Lindelof.

While Varane would effectively replace Lindelof in the starting XI if he joined, there was no indication that the Swede would be fired, so this number doesn’t look like it will be vacated.

However, this is not entirely the case for the only other number that Varane has known throughout his career …

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Raphael Varane
Everything points to Raphael Varane joining Manchester United this summer.

The 28-year-old has worn the 4 for France for most of his international career but it would have to be given up by forgotten star Phil Jones who didn’t appear at all last season and only made eight appearances in 19/20.

90 minute notes that Jones is unlikely to find a club due to the injuries that have handicapped him over the past few years. Varane picks up the last realistic number that many would expect to depend on Jones posting number 4.

Of course, if the Red Devils could unload Jones, the number 4 jersey would be vacated to avoid a potentially awkward encounter and potentially unwanted attention for Jones.

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