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Why the return of Man Utd fans kindly makes Brentford a special Old Trafford occasion

Of course there were some fans in attendance at the Fulham game towards the end of last season, but that was a crowd of around 10,000. The game in Brentford (July 28th, kick-off at 8:00 p.m. CEST) will see a much larger number of visitors and, above all, another big step towards what will hopefully soon be “normal” for M16.

Whatever you think of friendly matches, visiting the bees will be a special occasion.

It’s of course about watching United and seeing the team up close again. But because I haven’t been to a regular game at Old Trafford for so many months – after going to every home game for decades – it will be more like part of my soul and identity back in place. Thousands will feel alike.

It’s not just about how high the game is or how United played. It’s about rituals, about community, about history.

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