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Man City is open to selling four stars as Barcelona shows interest

Every team has been financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and it even looks like Man City will have to sell players before they can afford signings.

It might be an interesting situation to watch as they weren’t far from winning everything last season, but they’re still falling short in the Champions League and they want to change that.

It also means they don’t have to blow it all up and start over, so it should only be a matter of finding the final signature or two to make the difference.

CCMA have reported that they could be open to sacking a couple of players this summer and Barcelona are snooping around:

Aymeric Laporte seems like the player who would make the most sense for them as they need to be on the defensive and he would be an outstanding addition while the others could be interesting additions too, but they are not currently playing in positions where they are needed become.

Ultimately, it sounds like Barca have their own financial problems too, so doing anything could be difficult, but it’s worth keeping an eye on to see if they can hit a big coup.

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