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The results after we asked Newcastle United fans how optimistic they are about the 2021/22 season …?

The question we asked Newcastle United fans on Sunday was “How optimistic are you 4 weeks ahead of Newcastle United’s 2021/22 season?”

We asked the fans to forget what might or might not happen before the start of the season.

Or until the end of the transfer window.

Just think about how you are currently feeling.

Mike Ashley, the owner.

No takeover of Newcastle United.

Steve Bruce as head coach.

Not a single new addition.

Not a single sale (not sold Wilson, Dubravka, Almiron, ASM, etc.).

Fans will return to St. James Park but are waiting for final confirmation.

We asked … Please measure your optimism about the current state of St. James Park. Please rate from 0-10.

Where is 10 you can’t imagine being more optimistic about this Newcastle United season under all other circumstances, up to 0 where you can’t imagine being less optimistic than you were at this point in time.

We asked Newcastle United fans: “How optimistic are you 4 weeks ahead of the Newcastle United 2021/22 season?” (*** Please note that most of the votes were cast BEFORE NUFC lost to sixth grade York on Sunday afternoon …)


1 – 17%

2 – 17%

3 – 13%

4 – 7%

5 – 4%

6 – 2%

7 – 1%

8 – 1%

9 – 0%


More than half (55%) of Newcastle United fans voted either 0 or 1 in 10 as they look forward to the new season.

So 85% rate their optimism 3 out of 10 or less.

Only 4% say 6 out of 10 or more …

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