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F1 2021: Fernando Alonso receives a contract with Alpine for 2022

Ön his return after formula 1, Spanish driver Fernando Alonso exceeded expectations.

With the revelation that his contract includes an option for an additional year to keep him with alpine He should stay in the team until 2022.

“He’s doing great,” team manager Laurent Rossi said BBC Sport.

“He’s as fast as ever. He’s sure to get the best out of the car.

“The car is not incredibly fast and he still manages to drive some super hot laps and qualify the car very well. So far so good.

“He is doing everything for me to do this [contractual] Possibility.”

But it’s not just Alonso‘s performance on the track that impressed Rossi.

“Working with him has been incredibly easy so far”, Rossi persisted.

“It’s been six months and I don’t recognize the Fernando people describe.

“We both expect the same from the team. Always question every decision, every status quo in order to improve things systematically: ‘It’s never enough. To get one point is not good. To get two points is not good. Second to become “when it happens is not good enough. To finish first – we have to keep being first. ‘ I like that attitude.

“It challenges everyone all the time, but very respectfully. And they can do it because they’ve proven themselves, so it’s not like they’re distracting from responsibility.”

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Alonso is currently with 26 points in 11th place in the driver standings in front of teammates Esteban Ocon.

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