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How does Premier League football affect players’ bodies over time? – From the post

A strenuous sport like soccer can have many effects on a person’s health and body over time. Players in the Premier League can see long-term effects as they age due to their involvement in the sport. Here are some of the things that will happen to some Premier League players over the course of their careers.

Injuries to the lower extremities

Because of the weight distribution often seen on the lower extremities of athletes, injuries in these areas are not uncommon. The knees are most commonly affected by movements in soccer and can cause injuries such as torn ligaments. It is also common for players to get their knees weak and sore as they age, requiring them to have drug injections into the area or even surgery if necessary.

Cardiovascular benefits

While injuries are common in professional sports, the health benefits definitely outweigh the risks. The cardiovascular health of professional athletes is usually positive rather than negative. Because of the high level of fitness required in this sport, Premier League athletes are less prone to cardiovascular disease as they age (provided they stay in shape after retirement).

Cardiovascular diseases like heart disease and high blood pressure typically develop over time, not overnight. Because of this, few PL players see cardiovascular disease in their medical history; they tend to treat their bodies well for years while playing. That’s not to say that athletes can’t develop these types of conditions. However, it is less likely if they maintain their health habits as they age.

Musculoskeletal Benefits

How much the athletes in the Premier League strain their bodies over the years with strength and endurance training as well as additional healthy lifestyle habits actually comes into play as an advantage. As the years go by, there will be fewer musculoskeletal problems due to the force players have to hold in their bones and ligaments while playing. Athletes are less likely to develop diseases such as osteoporosis due to their many years of training.

Mental health

When athletes interact with their teams during games and training sessions, they learn how to react and adapt to stressful situations. In addition to exercising, these players have learned how to maintain a healthy mindset and reduce stress. Learning to manage stress effectively offers long-term health benefits for a person’s mind and body.

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