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Hope Dragusin does not follow the rumors because apparently he is staying and leaving Juventus (opinion)

July 23, 2021 – 9:31 p.m.

Radu Dragusin is only 19 years old, but his name is one of the most talked about this summer and these reports are as consistent as Donald Trump.

The Romanian defender is highly regarded in Europe despite having only a few minutes on the first team and a number of clubs are believed to be interested in his signature.

While I don’t doubt the above is true, there have been a number of stories over the past few weeks about his decisions and Juventus’ willingness to sell or keep him and very rarely get more than one match.

We read that the old lady is ready to fire others to further his role in the first team and we also heard that he will be the make-weight on a deal to sign Manuel Locatelli from Sassuolo , but we also know that the young future star recently signed a new deal to keep him with the club until 2025.

Today I’m reading CalcioMercato that the player himself has packed his bags (theoretically I imagine that) and is ready to leave while waiting for a new club at the price Juve is asking, which I assume would laugh at the thought .

I can’t imagine how many different stories would come up in such a short time, but this week his agent Florin Manea told TuttoJuve did watering the claims that he was part of the negotiations with Sassuolo on behalf of Locatelli, at least for the time being he ruled out any knowledge of such a possibility.

Young gamers could do well without getting caught up in the madness of the rumor mill, though that’s definitely easier said than done, especially in the age of social media.

Do we think it would be easy for young players to get sidetracked by the rumors and lose focus on the job? How can clubs protect their future stars from the media hype?


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