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MLS: It’s becoming clear that Phil Neville is not worthy of the jobs he keeps getting

Phil Neville hasn’t had the most complicated coaching career so far, at least not when it comes to job hunting. However, it turns out that the results are a little more complicated, as in Major League Soccer this year.

The trainer Manchester United and Everton Utility Man quickly became a huge job as the head coach of the coach England women’s team although nothing on his résumé indicates he deserved the role, and was then chosen by his close friend David Beckham the seductive job. accept Inter Miami.

A joke that became a reality

As Eurosport reported in 2018, Neville wasn’t even a substitute candidate at first Mark Sampson as England boss, with more suitable candidates reportedly being considered.

Neville, however, was someone who did English FA knew, and when, as the story goes, his name was jokingly mentioned by a media representative, things shot so far that he got the job. Since then, it has been clear to him that he sees the job as a solid, three-year contract that would then enable him to transition to club football, just before calling it a stepping stone.

Go south

In Miami, Neville lost seven games on the go and his suitability for the job is being asked.

– Even Neville himself seems to realize how dire the current situation is, calling a recent defeat “worse than unacceptable”.

“It’s the lowest in terms of how I feel after a loss that I’ve had since joining this football club – and we’ve had some disappointments,” said Neville, who led Miami to the worst record of any 27 MLS club.

“You can lose games in football, but the way we lost today was … we’ve said the word unacceptable in the past – it feels worse.

“It’s about playing for your pride, for the badge, for your supporters – I can only apologize to you for what you saw tonight. I feel more for them than for me or the players because they deserve something better. “

With Beckham Reportedly keen to hold on to his former teammate, Neville added that his players “need to look at themselves long and hard”.

It could be time for Neville, and anyone considering him for a future position should carefully study the résumé of the man they are considering for the position.

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