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Can Inzaghi keep Serie-A?

After 10 long years, Inter Milan finally won the Serie A title as they dominated Italy with their constant attacking performance. Simone Inzaghi has taken Antonio Conte’s place and his performance in the transfer window will give us an idea of ​​whether he is the right person to lead Inter Milan to European glory.

Inter have got off to a pretty good start as they managed to sign Hakan Calhanoglu on a free transfer from AC Milan. They are struggling financially and have had to borrow a loan to keep themselves afloat and hence their businesses will be of particular interest. FootTheBall brings you all possible transfer goals from Inter Milan as champions of Serie A and try it to the Champions League.

Inter have sold Achraf Hakimi to PSG for a whopping £ 54million. Hakimi was an integral part of Contes Inter who gave them extra boos on the right side. If he’s gone, things won’t look good for the Inzaghi and we are sure they would look for plenty of substitutes for the right-back position. They have D’Ambrosio and Darmian who can fill in for Hakimi, but they are old and not in the first team. Inter Milan have a right-back to bet on until next season and they should leave sooner rather than later.

Inter Milan are also lacking right wingers. Under Conte, Inter used to play 5 players behind, which meant the full-backs contributed to attacking games. With the possible departure of Milan Skriniar, Inzaghi will now have to make some adjustments in his formation and that is why they have called Valentino Lazaro back on loan. While he’s a good player, he’s just not good enough to start for Inter Milan if they want to keep the same standards as last season and that’s why they need to bring a high-profile versatile right winger into the summer transfer window.



Bellerin has played for Arsenal senior squad for almost 7 years but it’s time to move on. He’s an exceptional player who deserves to play Champions League football, but Arsenal didn’t even qualify for the Europa League this year.

Hector Bellerin

Image courtesy: Instagram / Hector Bellerin

Bellerin is keen to see a move from Arsenal but the player has two more seasons left in his contract so the Gunners insist on waiting for more offers. The market value of Bellerin is said to be in the range of 25 million pounds, which is actually a bargain for the 26-year-old. Inter are trying to get an option to buy loan which is definitely not what Arsenal are looking for. It won’t cost a lot of money for a player of his stature and Inzaghi should definitely bet on him. He is an ideal replacement for Achraf Hakimi.


Denzel Dumfries was one of the Euro 2020 breakout stars when he finished the campaign with two goals. The Netherlands would not have reached the round of 16 without Dumfries’ brilliance. He is solid defensively but what sets him apart is his attacking ability. He has a lot of pace and his dribbling can be a huge asset to any club he signs.

PSV Eindhoven are keen to take advantage of the player and the only club that is bidding for him is Everton. If Inter Milan outbid Everton, the player would certainly prefer the former. It should be easily affordable for the Master of Italy, given the amount they received for selling Hakimi. Inter is going through a tough period financially and so they should go for someone cheaper without compromising on quality, exactly what the 25 year old Dutchman offers them.


Tariq Lamptey, one of the most underrated players in the Premier League, was the heartbeat of Brighton Hove Albion this year until his unfortunate injury. Brighton bought it for around £ 2million last year and now its value must have grown exponentially. The Seagulls will be delighted to let the youngster go for around £ 20million.

Again, Inter have to fight Everton for the Chelsea graduate’s signature but we believe they have the resources to make it happen. Lamptey has never played for the senior team of a top European club, which means he hasn’t reached his full potential and can get a lot better than he is now. Lamptey can make an immediate impact and is also a brilliant investment in the club’s future.



Berardo also had a fruitful Euro 2020, which made him a transfer target in the summer window. Sassuolo have decided to let either Locatelli or Berardi go in that window and with Locatelli’s talks with Juventus and Arsenal looking a bit shaky at the moment, Inter Milan can step in and get Berardi.

Domenico Berardi

Image Courtesy: Instagram / Domenico Berardi

The player is 26 years old and entering his prime, but shouldn’t cost an astronomical amount. Chelsea, Leicester City, Borussia Dortmund and even Liverpool are all interested in signing the Italian. With so many applicants, his transfer fee can easily go up to £ 40 million. Inter Milan should also choose Berardi as he has played in Itlay all his life and would wish for a move to Inter compared to the other English clubs.


Lingard was loaned to West Ham earlier this year after they couldn’t give him play time. In 16 appearances, he has scored 9 goals for the Hammers, 1 more than he has scored for Manchester United since the start of the 2018/19 season. Lingard has shown the world that he still has a lot to offer and Inter Milan should take this opportunity.

He only has one year left in his contract and since Manchester United brought on Jadon Sancho there has been little room for more attackers in their camp. Lingard’s transfer value should be less than £ 20m and if Inzaghi manages to get him for that much it would be of great benefit to the club. The 28-year-old won’t have much time on the pitch and should prefer a way out.


Bernardo Silva won’t be a conventional transfer target for Inter Milan but it’s got a good reputation. Manchester City are trying to raise money this summer to get both Jack Grealish and Harry Kane, which would only be possible if they also sell some players. Bernardo Silva is the most likely player to be sold as many players are already playing where he is playing. With Ferran Torres and Mahrez already doing so well, Bernardo has a few minutes to fight and will happily join Inzaghi.

Bernardo Silva

Image Courtesy: Instagram / Bernardo Silva

The Bernardo Silva purchase will cost Inter £ 60-65m, which at first glance doesn’t seem feasible as they are facing a financial crisis. If Inter Milan manage to sell Milan Skriniar for a good price and then add those funds with the money they received for Achraf Hakimi, they can easily make a reasonable offer for Bernardo Silva. The 26-year-old is still in his prime and will be worth every penny.

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