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Steve Bruce announces that Newcastle United are now trying to buy Joe Willock

Steve Bruce was interviewed about Newcastle United’s transfer window.

Friday is day 45 of the transfer window and so far not a single signing for Newcastle, now it’s 39 days.

Newcastle beat League One club Doncaster tonight with an odd fiver, but no one can deny that this NUFC squad needs a serious boost if it isn’t for another desperate relegation battle.

Steve Bruce only gave Joe Willock eleven starts last season and his teammates helped create just 17 chances, but the Arsenal loaner scored eight goals, including in all of his last seven NUFC games.

Steve Bruce explains that the central part of that NUFC transfer window for him after the influence he had at St James Park last season is all about Joe Willock.

However … it then becomes a bit dubious and contradictory.

Steve Bruce points out that he / the club is waiting for Arsenal to clarify what happens to Joe Willock.

The head coach then explains: “We are still trying our best, whether it is borrowed or bought” [Joe Willock]. ‘

So Steve Bruce is seriously trying to claim that Mike Ashley / Newcastle United are really trying to buy the midfielder who now has a goal potential of at least £ 25million and is an English midfielder who is only 21 years old at a premium any transfer value.

But in the next breath Steve Bruce says, “I think everyone knows how difficult it is because we don’t have a lot of money.”

You can’t have both and you find it very difficult to accept that Mike Ashley would allow a £ 25m bid on each player or actually £ 25m total would be spent in that window if you believe the overwhelming media reports of minimal Cash spending by Ashley, if any.

Then Steve Bruce said in that Summer 2021 window about Premier League clubs in general: “They always want players and money to make the team better, that’s our job” [as managers / head coaches]but I don’t think I’m alone, I’ve never seen it so quiet. ‘

This is not true, at least 50 players have been bought from the window of other Premier League clubs so far, with hundreds of millions being spent. Since last Sunday alone, there have been ten signings by Premier League clubs in this six-day period, spending over £ 140million. Newcomers Brentford bought three this week and spent over £ 25m, with center-back Kristoffer Ajer being one of Bruce’s main targets.

Then you have Mario Lemina moving to Nice for £ 4.7m, with Newcastle United reportedly unable to keep up with Ligue 1 clubs.

It seems like a massive belief system to accept that with this in mind, Mike Ashley will suddenly allow a bid of over £ 25 million on Joe Willock.

Steve Bruce apologizes for Newcastle having to wait for Arsenal … what’s going to stop NUFC from simply bidding when Ashley is actually ready to allow it? Then the Gunners and Joe Willock could think about it.

The real truth seems to me to be that Joe Willock’s only “plan” is for Newcastle United to desperately hope that no one else will be ready to buy Joe Willand.

The longer that transfer window goes on, the more it seems that Newcastle United will be about free and loan items rather than £ 25m + deals for players like Joe Willock that would definitely improve on goal-challenged NUFC team / Squad.

Steve Bruce asked about Newcastle United’s transfer window – Friday 23 July 2021:

“What will Arsenal do?

“You brought in two midfielders …

“That’s our starting point, with Joe [Willock], because let’s be honest, he had an incredible three or four months with us.

“However, there has to be a time when we know whether it will be a yes or a no?

“We are only allowed to borrow two domestic loans and only one from each club.

“So there has to come a time when there is an interruption and we have to find out what is happening.

“We’re still trying our best, be it on loan or to buy it [Joe Willock].

“We’re still trying.

“I think everyone knows how difficult it is because we don’t have a lot of money.

“You always want players and money to improve the team, that’s our job [as managers / head coaches], but I don’t think I’m alone, I’ve never seen it so quiet.

“We have to be patient.

“It is very difficult, but since there is not a lot of money around, the supporters know that it will be very difficult.”

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