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Basketball | Olympia: Rudy Gobert: USA are favorites for Olympic gold

F.rance’s Rudy Gobert, who plays his basketball with him Utah JazzHe knows he and his teammates will face him on Sunday when they play the United States at the Olympic games.

Both USA and France were named as two of the favorites before the tournament, however Gobert give the United States the edge.

“You are the strongest team and you have the highest quality”, Gobert said on the eve of his team’s first game.

“They respect all the other teams but they know they are the favorites. I know them and I know they trust their skills.

“They know it would be a failure not to finish first. They have that mentality after what happened at the World Cup.”

tea USA didn’t win the 2019 World Cup so there could be another surprise this summer and countries without multiple big stars like Slovenia and Italy, could go far.

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