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Ronaldo will raise the bar at United, including Ole-Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov says Cristiano Ronaldo’s return will raise the bar for everyone at Manchester United, including Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Ronaldo will make his second debut for the club against Newcastle on Saturday, with Solskjaer confirming the 36-year-old will be on the pitch at some point.

And Berbatov is confident that his former teammate will have a huge impact both on the pitch and in the locker room at Old Trafford.

“He will raise the bar for everyone at Manchester United, especially the manager,” Berbatov told Betfair.

“Solskjaer will have a good chat with him to see where he’s going on the team. There is a hierarchy in the teams and when a legend like Ronaldo comes into play you have to ask his opinion on things and be honest and frank about what he thinks of the games.

“Young players will want to learn from him and improve their game, they will seek advice and try to copy the way he takes care of himself. All seasoned players will have a great bond with him and want to push their own performance because they want to get closer to his professionalism.

“I expect goals from him. I think he is played as a center forward and we know how powerful he is. He can still move well, score great goals with his head, and as long as he has the supplies of the younger players who can sprint and give him chances, he is dangerous on goals.

“No matter where he is, he is a serious threat and that is why he has broken records wherever he has been.”

Berbatov is as excited as anyone to see Ronaldo in the red shirt again on Saturday – and he has no doubt the Portuguese icon won’t disappoint.

“He will definitely score goals, not just on Saturday, but throughout the season. Let’s not forget, he’s matured, he’s 36 now, and the team always comes first. Even if he doesn’t score, he will be of great help to the team because at the end of the day the three points count, he will know that.

“He can be the guy who rises when things aren’t going so well or it’s a boring game, he can use his magic and get the three points.

“It’s a bit strange for me to see my old team-mate still play and come back to United, I’m only four years older than him. I’ve had 33 players I’ve played with and they stopped playing long before I did.

“So it’s good to see someone who goes through so much hard work is reaping the rewards. It’s amazing to see what that can do, it expands your football life. “

Dimitar Berbatov spoke ahead of the launch of Betfair’s new VAR Batov series in which Premier League legend will judge the unfair moments in football that affect so many players. Check out the first part of the series on Betfair’s Twitter next week.

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