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Tuchel over Werner in the Chelsea attack next to Lukaku

Thomas Tuchel is “sure” that Chelsea will have the opportunity to start Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner together for the Blues and insists that the duo can “be a good match”.

The Chelsea coach was asked if he could see Werner on the line-up alongside Lukaku, and the journalist asked if the summer commitment could “complement” the German’s game.

Tuchel is certainly convinced of the prospect that the strikers will start together at the top with big money when the situation calls for it, which could be a bit difficult given the current formation of the team.

Chelsea sit in a 3-4-2-1 system under Tuchel, so Werner and Lukaku could only start together in this formation if Werner appeared as one of the two inside strikers.

The blues striker experienced an identical dominant international break in which Werner and Lukaku each contributed three goals and one assist each for Germany and Belgium.

Werner has been dropped from the starting XI since Lukaku returned to the club, but Tuchel has urged his compatriot to find the “rhythm, confidence and joy” it takes to get back into the team.

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Tuchel is “sure” that Lukaku and Werner will have opportunities to line up together:

“Absolutely yes to all of your questions. I am sure that we will find games and solutions where we can play with both of them. “

“I think we’ve already done it – playing with double strikers and Timo and Romelu can be a good match.”

“Timo loves to play a reference in attack and Romelu is clearly our reference when playing alone or as a double striker, a great and physical player.”

“The most important thing is that he (Timo) finds his rhythm, finds his self-confidence, finds his joy and asserts his point of view and finds his way into the team.”

“The players are in charge, they take their position, fight for their position and, once they have it, they don’t give it up. This is where we are We are very happy that he scored, we are very happy that he played.

“We go from here. As I said, we have a squad where we are not too many players, but we have high quality and high ambition players and Timo is clearly a guy we count on and it is absolutely essential that we have him on one have a high level and it can be decisive for us. “

The couple certainly have the potential to become a dangerous partnership if Tuchel can find a way and the scenarios to start both when he mentioned the impact Werner could make alongside someone like Lukaku.

Werner has the lightning-fast pace and the drive to thrive alongside a “front-runner” like Lukaku. Just imagine the doppelgangers the pair could play for defense.

After a tense debut season, 25-year-old Werner built the much-needed momentum during his absence with Germany that would at least give him the chance to take the lead with Lukaku instead of playing a substitute role to freshen up the Blues attack late in the day To play.

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