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Gilardino: AC Milan 2007 was a great group, the current squad takes time

Former AC Milan and Fiorentina striker Alberto Gilardino compared the 2006/07 Rossoneri team, which last won the Champions League, to the current squad.

The 39-year-old was part of the squad that beat Liverpool 2-1 in the 2007 final and the two clubs will face each other in Group B on Wednesday night.

“It was a consolidated group of champions that had the best young players around from year to year, not a risky bet,” Gilardino told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Ancelotti was exceptional in terms of technical merit and mentality. Today everything has changed: the market, the competition.

“This Milan has a policy that I like but that has to be given time.”

Gilardino praised AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli and his Liverpool counterpart Jürgen Klopp and identified Mohamed Salah as the Reds’ greatest threat.

“He coached me in Bologna, he’s prepared on the pitch and in management,” said Gilardino.

“Today he is even more experienced, he will try to reduce the intensity of the opponents, to appease their ferocity.

“We’ll have to suffer, but they’ll also know how to get them into trouble: Milan will play a great game.

“Who I fear most is Salah, my partner in Florence: supersonic speed divides the games in two. And I like Klopp, he’s practical, direct. “

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