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Steve Bruce kinda makes me hate Newcastle United even more with this latest … nonsense

Just when you think it’s impossible and Steve Bruce can’t possibly make you hate this football club even more, he somehow manages.

Mike Ashley has made me hate Newcastle United in so many ways over the past 14 or 15 years, but Steve Bruce has added a whole new layer on top of that.

We never hear from Mike Ashley, well, apart from making statements every year or so in which he puts us (the fans) and the club’s ambitions in their place.

As the only mouthpiece of the club, however, Steve Bruce delivers us every week, before and after the games, except during international breaks when he goes on vacation …

Before this Man Utd game he did it all over again, completely new levels.

Treating journalists (and fans by association) with absolute disdain. The way he talks to people, who the hell does he think he is?

He only asks normal questions, not even charged ones, and yet he steps on the ‘forefoot’ with his aggression and unprofessional behavior.

Then when it comes to Manchester United … honestly … you’d think he’s the manager of Man U and not Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

At the thought of 36-year-old Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford, he pees his pants.

He talks about Man Utd as if they were 1970 Brazil, not a team that drew 1-1 with Southampton in their last two games and lost a 1-0 win against Wolves in a game they deserved to have.

Steve Bruce Pre-Man Utd Press Conference:

“It’s my job to always try to improve the squad and never be satisfied. Never.

“And I thought a few loans in the squad would help us tremendously.

Unfortunately, that was not possible. “

Simon Bird (The Mirror):

“Were you satisfied with the way the club was worded? [ED: Mike Ashley] Opinion? “

Steve Bruce (raises his voice and is visibly angry):

“Awww Simon, it is what it is.

“It doesn’t matter if I feel good or disappointed or whatever, it is what it is.”

Unknown journalist:

“Steve, you’re talking about them [transfer] Politics there, could you brush up the fans on what that is?

Steve Bruce (gives a real evil look and waits a few seconds before answering …):

“Well, surely you have to … the policy, you just have the policy with that. seen [Mike Ashley] Statement isn’t it? “

Unknown journalist:

“Yes, but can you expand that a bit …”

Steve Bruce:

“Well, the policy was written in front of your eyes and pretty clear to me, you know.

“Look, I wanted to try to get a few players into the squad and it wasn’t possible in the end.

“What can I do?”

🗣 “I wanted to try to get a few players into the squad, but it wasn’t possible to end. What can I do about it?” Steve Bruce was asked about the statement Newcastle put out to justify why they only made one signature this summer

Steve Bruce on the challenge of playing Ronaldo against Manchester United this weekend:

“That’s why we’re all there.

“It’s the big stages, the big atmosphere, the big carnival that will be tomorrow.

“If you’re the best player in the world, that’s what happens.

“It’s a pretty incredible story of his return and I’m sure they would have sold out Old Trafford ten times, you know, if they wanted to.

“That was remarkable.

“It’s our job to go there and make it as difficult as possible.

“He’s amazing for his age, we saw that last week in the international week.

“You know, he was a good quality player, so you know you can’t get any higher than where he was.

“He was totally amazing.

“So tomorrow we have to try to stop him.

“Very remarkable the way he takes care of himself, the goals he has scored at every club he has played for is remarkable.

“In my opinion, that rightly makes him the best player in the world … and he was.

“A great new signing from Man U.

“It’s getting tough and the added spice of Ronaldo coming back will help.

“All we have to do is enjoy the challenge and enjoy the opportunity to see if we can spoil the party.”

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