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Cristiano Ronaldo’s first goal since returning was the “I was there” moment

Then Mason Greenwood tried his luck from the edge of the box with his left foot and Freddie Woodman gushed out. Even before the goalkeeper was made, Cristiano, like any great striker, had thought about what would happen.

He burst in front of the Magpies defenders and was left with what looked like a simple tap-in, some might even say a gift. In reality, it was because of his movement and anticipation that is truly world class.

Unfortunately there is a nervous wait for the VAR review these days, but we all seemed to be putting that aside to milk the moment. Just don’t break it please! He spun in the air near the press box, but even closer to the fans who had previously taunted him. Then for the first time a loud “siiiiuuu” roared through the theater of dreams. It shouldn’t be the last as he naturally scored his second goal after the break.

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