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Introducing the latest version of CCIE DC in 2020

Introducing the latest version of CCIE DC in 2020

Introducing the latest Cisco CCIE DC version of 2020: The Cisco certification reform has been in progress since February of this year. Although it was hit by the epidemic, it is now slowly back on track. In all directions of the new Cisco certification, what is the content of the latest version of CCIE DC? Next, SPOTO gives you a brief introduction.

DC is actually a data center. With the CCIE data center certification, you can demonstrate that you have the skills to create complex data center solutions. You must then pass two exams to earn CCIE data center certification. One of them is the qualification test for the Core Data Center Technology, ie the implementation and operation of the Cisco Core Data Center Technology – DCCOR 350-601. This exam tests candidates’ knowledge of implementing core data center technology, including networking, computing, storage network automation, and security.

Another is the eight-hour experimental test, which is a nightmare for the candidates. It covers the entire network lifecycle from design and deployment to operation and optimization. CCIE Data Center (V3.0), which covers all data center networks, is currently version 3.0. From Cisco’s official website. This part mainly focuses on data center L2 / L3 interconnection, data center structure infrastructure, data center structure connection, data center computing, data center storage protocols and functions, data center security and network services, and data center automation and layout. The proportion of exam content in each module is relatively uniform. Building on this, you can fill in your own knowledge system to make it easier for you to pass the experimental exam.

Next we put the. before latest CCIE DC version in 2020.

The structure of the exam results in a lot of content in the written exam, such as the implementation of Data Center Switching Protocol, Spanning Tree Protocol, Port Channel Overview, Virtual Port Channel Overview, the implementation of First Hop Redundancy Protocol, Hot Standby Router Protocol ( HSRP), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), IPv6 First Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) routing in the data center, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) V2 and Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) V3, Border Gateway Protocol, Multicast in the data center, IP Multicast in the data center network, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD), Multicast Distribution Tree and Routing Protocol, IP multicast on Cisco Nexus Switch Implementing the Data Center Coverage Protocol, Cisco Coverage Transport Virtualization, Virtual Scalable LAN, Cisco ACI End Point and End Point Group (EPG), Cloud Deployment Model, description of management, maintenance and the Operation of Data a Center Network Infrastructure, Storage Area Network (SAN) Design Options, FCoE Topology Options, Cisco HyperFlex Solution, Overview of Cisco and Ansible Integration, Overview of Cisco Data Center Network Manager, etc.

CCIE Lab mainly involves configuring Overlay Transport Visualization (OTV), configuring Virtual Scalable LAN (VXLAN), studying Cisco ACI architecture, implementing Cisco ACI out-of-band access policy and management, implementing the Cisco ACI tenant policy, the integration of Cisco ACI with VMware, the configuration of fiber optic channels, configure device aliases, configure zoning, configure NPV, configure FCoE, set up Cisco UCS fabric interconnect cluster, configure server and uplink port, Configure VLAN, configure Cisco UCS server profile using hardware identity, configure Basic Identity Pool, configure Cisco UCS service profile using pool, configure the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) service configuration profile, configure Cisco UCS Manager to authenticate users using Microsoft Active Directory, programming vo n Cisco Nexus switches using Python,

etc.The above exam contents are not all. You can Contact SPOTO for details.

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