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Klopp is keen to find a “January solution” to Salah, Mane problem

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp wants to find a “solution” in January to cope with the loss of Sadio Mane and Mo Salah, but insists there is no point in looking for a replacement at short notice.

Questions have been asked about the decision not to add to the forward line this summer as the African Cup of Nations in January may deny the Reds the services of their Egyptian and Senegalese internationals for a month.

Since Divock Origi is so out of shape and out of favor, Klopp’s team could be inferior at the turn of the year, but the German said that the solution could not always be found on the transfer market.

Liverpool pair keys to punish “Kamikaze” Leeds United

“We knew (Salah and Manes absences), we have to deal with it and we will deal with it. As? We’ll see in January, ”said the manager.

“People are now saying that we have to sign two strikers of the same quality as Sadio and Mo.

“That can’t be a solution because we can’t, so we have to find a solution to it in January.”

Klopp’s short-term focus, however, was on preparing his team for the high-intensity Leeds challenge while preparing for his first experience on a fan-filled Elland Road.

Both games last season against Marcelo Bielsa’s team were tough encounters; The Reds prevailed with an exciting 4-3 home win on the opening day against the newcomers in the Premier League before they received a 1-1 draw in advance, which seemed to have ruined their top 4 hopes.

Klopp has been working on a plan to tackle the Leeds pressure game but with so little time to do so with the entire squad due to the international break, he knows they may have to rely on their own quality to do so achieve a result.

“We now had – with some players – a week to prepare for this and some didn’t come back for training until Thursday so we have two training sessions where we can probably prepare,” Klopp told .

“The game itself is tricky. We saw in the last two games against them that I played Leeds for the first time, it was really exciting.

“You have a specific style of play with a strict man-marking idea in defense, very flexible and very brave, very dynamic in possession of the ball.

“Against Leeds (it’s) high intensity, go for it. They are good at possession, I think they are second or third in possession so far.

“It’s a really good team and we have to do our best to achieve something there.

“They don’t have the points they want yet, but they think they have a good chance against us. But they haven’t played against us this season.

“Hopefully we’ll be as good as we can and then we’ll be difficult to play. When we’re hard to play, we have a chance to win – and that’s what we try.

Liverpool are unbeaten in their last eight league games (five wins, three draws) but they hadn’t faced each other in the top division since 2004 before last season.

At Elland Road, they have been unbeaten in all competitions in their last half-dozen drives, but home advantage could play an important role as the terrain is for the first time since their return to the Premier League.

“Everyone tells me the atmosphere has to be really great, so I’m really looking forward to it,” added Klopp.

“I’ve heard about it, but can’t say much. We’ll probably have to ask Millie (former Leeds midfielder James Milner) exactly how it is.

“Millie knows it from both perspectives; not sure, maybe not. I’m not sure if he played there with any other Premier League team. Who knows? But he can tell us how it is and he will tell us.

“We’re Liverpool and that means we all expect us to win every game.”

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