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Camavinga is ready to debut and shine again

E.duardo Camavinga arrived when Kylian mbappe expected what might be assessments of the midfielder’s commitment real Madrid a little more difficult. Target, Camavinga was one of the most sought-after players in Europe and his signing was rightly celebrated in Madrid.

Camavinga has been followed for two years since it exploded in the 2019-20 season and on the side Erling HaalandHe was one of the outstanding young stars in Europe.

He received recognition and clubs were even interested Paris St. Germain after doing a monstrous performance against her. He led reindeer in the Champions League and increased its value to 100 million euros.

Hard times

Yet Camavinga went through difficult times in 2020/21, on and off the pitch. He was in and out of the team and had to play in a less comfortable position up front.

The pressure for his future also seemed to strain him off the pitch. His contract was due to expire in 2022 and its value decreased with every month and year. He then became a customer of Jonathan Barnett and finally get his wish to participate real Madrid.

Now he’s looking for a second breakout with Los Blancos and is still 18 years old Celta Vigo If he visits the capital on Sunday, he could either make his debut from the start or rather from the bank.

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