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De Laurentiis says Juventus is under the control of Napoli

Outspoken Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has celebrated Luciano Spalletti after Napoli beat Juventus Turin in Serie A yesterday.

Juve had taken the lead and looked on track to win the first league game of the season.

The Bianconeri had started this campaign in two games with no wins and it has now expanded to three games.

They knew the Napoli game was a must for them and started the game as the better team.

However, Napoli rallied and won in front of some of their fans.

That win gave them some early show-off rights and De Laurentiis was in a happy mood.

After the game, he told reporters that his team had tamed the Bianconeri and praised his new manager Spalletti for his team’s make-up and leadership style.

“It’s a good start. I have to thank Spalletti for making a team solid and giving them a very interesting style of football. We controlled and attacked from start to finish, ”De Laurentiis told DAZN Soccer Italy.

“The initial mistake is a shame because it’s a game we could have won 2-0. I want to thank Spalletti, the players and our 12th husband, the fans, who were beyond compare.

“I chose Spalletti because he is conscientious, orderly and handles the situation the way I like it. You can talk to him, he is not offended if you ask for clarification because he is not haunted by his ego. “

Juve haven’t got off to the best start this season, but they have done better in the game than they did in their first two games of the season and hopefully they will continue to improve in the next game.

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