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Man Management Dummies’ Guide – Freddie Woodman

I’ve been an admirer of Freddie Woodman and have been for a long time.

This young man is the only current player who has won any kind of silver in our club (U-17 with England).

He’s also one of the smartest young goalkeepers in the country in my opinion and he would only get better.

Freddie Woodman was on loan with Swansea for two years and his highlight was helping them to the EFL play-off final last season (and receiving the Golden Glove for most goals conceded in the championship), which they lost to the Newcastle man Ivan. to form Toneys Brentford.

Hoping to make a name for themselves in Premier League football, no one could have predicted what would follow.

At the beginning of this season, when Dubravka was injured (after a terrible Euro tournament) and Darlow was struggling with COVID, Freddie found himself on the team as the goalkeeper of choice.

At the end of the third game day in the Premier League, he had conceded eight goals – four against West Ham, then two each against Villa and Southampton. In at least two of these games, those goals cost us a lot of money as they gave us guided tours.

Quite a traumatic introduction for a young goalkeeper and one could imagine the coaching staff considering ways to protect the young star. On Saturday I looked at the team sheet and saw Freddie Woodman start against Ronaldo.

The story of the game was pretty clear to me.

The opportunity came to Woodman and he had his first really bad game of the season. His mistake led to the first goal, his immaturity showed in the second, while he seemed undecided whether to dive in or hold on to the third. At that point it was clear that his confidence was gone.

The suggestion here is that hopefully Freddie Woodman be taken out of the line of fire without being thrown under the bus in private or in the press.

Karl Darlow is now fit and it must be common sense that he is going to put the kidneys in the gate in this ailing team for the time being. In the next three games we will face Leeds, Watford and Wolves (18 goals between them). This should be the perfect opportunity to remove Woodman from the team, maybe give him a start against Watford and a break in the other two games. I even wonder what’s left of Darlow’s own confidence after he was scapegoated last year when he started losing crucial goals.

It would be interesting to see which direction our renowned manager would go with this team as he already made an expert decision when he pitched Freddie Woodman against Manchester United.

Hopefully one of those “other strengths” that Callum Wilson attributes to Steve Bruce will become apparent in this situation.

I’ll keep an eye out for updates but don’t expect too much when it comes to man management and the Newcastle United head coach doing the right thing.

Howay the boys.

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