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Decipher the fights of RB Leipzig this season

RB Leipzig languishes in 13th place in the German league after the recent defeat against Bayern Munich on the fourth matchday of the season in the Bundesliga.

Coach Jesse Marsch remains clueless about solving Leipzig’s problems in Germany after losing 3 of their first 4 games in the German premier league. Part of the reason for the season’s weakness so far was associated with top-class departures in the summer.

RB Leipzig

Jesse Marsch is apparently the captain of a ship floundering at sea and he urgently needs to do something about it (Image courtesy – Forbes website)

RB Leipzig has many answers to find after being in a grim and pathetic condition in the Bundesliga, even behind promoted VfL Bochum.

RB Leipzig is having a hot time in the Bundesliga, FootTheBall analyzes the reasons for the fights of The red bulls in Germany.


Last season, RB Leipzig fought alongside heavyweights such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund for the prestigious Bundesliga title and was runner-up in Bayern.

At the same time, they ended a very successful, albeit trophyless, season in Germany in the DFB Cup final with Borussia Dortmund’s runner-up title. However, the end of the season was quickly followed by the departures of coach Julian Nagelsmann and French defender Dayot Upamecano to Bayern.

Jesse Marsch replaced his German predecessor in Saxony, but has so far not been able to build on the results of Nagelsmann in Leipzig.

The Saxon city is famous for the Battle of Leipzig in 1813 (part of the larger Napoleonic Wars in Europe), in which the French emperors Great army was ruthlessly decimated and driven back to France by the combined forces of the Sixth Coalition.

Similarly, the Leipzig boat capsized in Germany after the departure of Julain Nagelsmann, Dayot Upamecano and the former skipper Marcel Sabitzer.

Here, too, one can draw conclusions, because Nagelsmann can be equated with the captain of the ship with Marcel Sabiter as the first helmsman, while Dayot Upamecano can be seen as the person in the crow’s nest who warns of dangers at sea.

Now that everyone has left their positions on the boat, it inevitably capsizes in the vast ocean of the German league.

Reinforcements were introduced, but have so far proven to be ineffective (example: maneuvering maneuvers by Jesse Marsch in troubled waters).

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy for that quickly The red bulls, either in Germany or in Europe. Her next game is in the Champions League against Pep Guardiola’s English champions Manchester City and soon also against Paris Saint-Germain in Europe’s most important club competition.


The red bulls must find a solution in an efficient manner if they have any hope of saving a campaign that has so far been rather disastrous. Partial changes will only increase the club’s need to act quickly and decisively.

Therefore, they have to be content with their existing resources and personnel and wait for the winter transfer window to open in order to make some important acquisitions after the departures of Nagelsmann, Sabitzer and Upamecano in Saxony.

Jesse Marsch must show and instill faith in the team line-up that will enable them to tackle the exodus of three of the club’s most important cogs by the start of the winter transfer window next January.

Much of what March does is driven by results in the Champions League and positive results against that the best of the best of Germany in the domestic league. The club’s primary goal should be to establish itself in the top half of the table in Germany.

And then they should concentrate step by step on avoiding bottom of the table in Champions League group A, which will at least move them to the Europa League and not be pushed out of Europe at once.

The rebuilding phase is going to take a long time, of course, as Leipzig navigates the corridors of Germany in the hunt for its former glory that was conquered in Germany this summer by its more affluent and illustrious league rivals in Germany.

The closing stanza of Lord Alfred Tennyson’s famous poem ‘Ulysses‘illustrates the current situation in the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Saxony:

“We are now not the force that was in the old days

Moving earth and sky,

What we are, we are;

An equal temperament of heroic hearts,

Weakened by time and fate, but strong in will

Strive, seek, find and not give in. “

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