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Three reasons why Juventus fans shouldn’t panic … for now

After another miserable night for Juventus, fans were left with a sense of anger, disappointment, confusion and everything in between as their beloved Old Lady was almost at the bottom of the Serie A table with a single point from three rounds.

Alvaro Morata’s solo performance gave the Bianconeri an early lead at Stadio Maradona, but Napoli was adamant about turning the tide and eventually celebrating a comeback win with a little help from Wojciech Szczesny and Moise Kean.

But despite the less than ideal situation Juventus found themselves in, we shouldn’t – at least for now – press the panic button and here are three reasons to keep hope up.

Exhausted squad

The international break has always been a pain in the back for the big European clubs, but the last one had a disastrous impact on the Bianconeri, with five key players returning to Italy just 24 hours before the big match and Federico Chiesa under a light knock.

Regardless of which club we’re talking about, any team that has to do without players like Paulo Dybala, Chiesa and Juan Cuadrado will certainly find it difficult to make up for their absences. The game eventually turned out to be a close affair and the presence of the missing Juve stars may have turned the tide in the Northerners’ favor.

An uncomfortable trip

Since their rebirth in the possession of Aurelio De Laurentiis, the Paretenopei have always been a particularly tough opponent for the Bianconeri, even during their glorious seasons, and the journey south has often proven dangerous over the past fifteen years.

Hence, a loss at the stadium formerly known as Stadio San Paolo isn’t exactly an odd occurrence for Juventus fans, and it didn’t stop their club from finally sealing the Scudetto title during the infamous nine-year winning dynasty.

We have been here before

Juventus have had a disastrous start to the season, which is a rare scenario, but it has happened before. In the 2015/2016 season, Max Allegri’s men had a very similar start and even lost their away game in Naples in the earlier rounds.

But when the team started to click, the Bianconeri rose from the bottom to the top of the table within a few months.

It will certainly not be an easy path, as the first signs make clear, but the situation is far from desperate. So let’s hope that the coach and the players pull together and get the club back on track.

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