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Harvey Elliott shows off his class with gift for fans at Leeds Hospital! – Liverpool FC

Harvey Elliott might be forgiven for being on his own head after a horror ankle injury, but while in the hospital he still made another day after giving his shirt and boots as a gift.

The afternoon did not end as hoped as he suffered a dislocated ankle on his third start in the Premier League, which took him to the hospital in Leeds.

Jürgen Klopp was emotional when he turned to the press after the game after the horror injury, while his teammates quickly sent him their good wishes.

But after arriving at the Leeds hospital, Elliott found himself next to a young footballer who had broken his arm earlier in the day, and what came next was a touch of class from the boy.

As reported on social media, Elliott gave the young guy who is “buzzing now” his game jersey and one of his boots.

It’s an incredible act at a time when his short-term goals with Liverpool were in disarray as he had so clearly earned his manager’s trust.

And the gesture caught the attention of fans, who were quick to praise Elliott’s actions, and it wasn’t just the Reds who had words to share:

It’s a class touch at a time when he could be forgiven for only thinking about himself but for not showing off the character that Elliott is.

He had already made himself popular with the fans, but this is another nod to the person behind the player.

The club has since confirmed that the teenager has now been discharged from the hospital but will have ankle surgery in the coming days.

Now let’s hope for a quick and trouble-free recovery for Elliott.

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