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Dani Alves, the most successful player in football, is a free agent

NOTobody won more in football than Dani Alves. The Brazilian returned home after a successful career in Europe in 2019 and finished his Paris St. Germain Contract and the decision to play for the club of his childhood São Paulo.

But his two seasons there did not end as he had hoped, and he has since left the club, which owes him three million euros.

Dani Alves became the highest paid footballer in South America when he joined him São Paulo, but his salary was not paid in full, forcing the 38-year-old to lose patience and not show up for training after the international break.

“We were informed that Dani Alves will not return to Sao Paulo until an adjustment of the club’s financial debt to the player has been made. São Paulo himself said. They also stated that they had made the player an offer which he declined.

With Dani Alves did not report for training, the club informed the coach Hernan Crespo that the trainer Barcelona the star could no longer be counted on. At 38, Dani Alves is again a free agent.

The Brazilian is now with a number of MLS Teams as well Boca Juniors and Riverbed. He could stay in Brazil, however, as he wants to be on Tite’s next World Cup squad.

More trophies

In terms of sport, it went well for Dani Alves in Brasil. He was able to expand his collection to include more silverware and ended the club’s nine-year drought with the Campeonato Paulista. He also scored 10 goals and prepared 15 more in 195 appearances.

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