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Wilshere says he regrets leaving Arsenal

It wasn’t long ago that Jack Wilshere was touted as England’s number 10, a player who could slide past opponents with ease and thread a pass into the eye of a needle. But fast-forward to summer 2021 and the ex-Arsenal player will be without a club and Arsenal are battling for inspiration, creativity and goals.

Jack Wilshere Arsenal

With current Arsenal boss and former Wilshere teammate Mikel Arteta inviting him to train with the club while the former England international struggles to find a new club. The Gunners could do a lot worse than bring him ‘home’.

A winner from the start

After all, Wilshere scored goals and won trophies with the Gunners at a young age. With 13 out of 18 games in his first full season with their academy, he helped Arsenal win the 2009 FA Youth Cup. The creative talent became the club’s youngest Premier League debutant and one of the youngest for England at just 18 years and 222 days.

As the Gunners door closes, Hammer’s door opens.

After starting under 100 league starts on a ten-year injury break with the Gunners, he decided to leave for West Ham. Wilshere cited the departure of the former manager Arsene Wenger as the motivation for the decision.

“We got to a point where I almost agreed (to stay with Arsenal), then the news came that Arsene was leaving and I was like, ‘How can I sign a new deal that is on appearances with a manager based who? I don’t know? ‘”Said Wilshere.

Since leaving the Gunners in summer 2018, the 29-year-old has not reached the heights he had hoped for. Injuries didn’t help, but he didn’t feel the love either. Wilshere regrets moving from north London and admitted to The Athletic that instead of making the decision to leave, he should have slept about it and not been so hasty. “Honestly, I should never have left, it’s nothing against West Ham – it could have been anyone – but I shouldn’t have left Arsenal.”

Could Wilshere make a happy return?

This season, Arsenal are in a very unfamiliar position, they have been in the top division for over a century but are in the middle of their worst start to the season in 118 years predictions, Arsenal are considered a team that could go under this season.

With Arteta under pressure and arguably in need of inspiration, it could be argued that they could turn to the player who gave them two FA Cup victories in consecutive seasons. Wilshere believes he still has a point to prove, and arguably at an age when he should be at his best.

On top of that, Arsenal boss Arteta has admitted that the boy, who was brought into the club at the tender age of just nine, is still loved by everyone. He’s certainly also a player adored by the fans and the player admits that he shouldn’t have left. Some might say that the perfect recipe for Wilshere is to pick up where you left off and rekindle the passion for Emirates.

Other options for Wilshere?

Hard to see anyone other than Burnley sign Wilshere in the Premier League as the Clarets have a reputation for taking in seasoned top players. For example, this summer they recorded Wayne Hennessey and Aaron Lennon.

The other notable opportunity could be Rangers, he was previously linked with a move to Ibrox before moving to Bournemouth, with Glasgow Giants manager Stephen Gerrard being a former international colleague of Wilshere.

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