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The factors that led to Vinicius’ Real Madrid explosion

THose who knows Vinicius Junior well know how big a real Madrid He is a fan. He’s like a boy who grew up in the shadow of the Spanish capital’s stadium and is now fulfilling a lifelong dream as an important first-team player.

Vinicius feels 100 percent Madridista and that’s why he never thought of leaving real Madrid. Not even in his darkest days at the club did he think of a new adventure, even if some had recommended moving Zinedine Zidane stayed at the club over the summer.

Zidane Left, Carlo Ancelotti came and the Brazilian has said the Italian “is the key to me”, undoubtedly a big reason for his form this season. The coach gave him the confidence he needed from the start when he arrived in Madrid, convinced of the idea that Vinicius is a star and would make a huge difference this season.

Vinicius started the season on the bench, but he was calm and knew Carletto would give him his chance. Now, after the 4th game day, he has already secured his place in the team.

The methods work

Vinicius is not like the player who landed in 2018. As a teenager he had a lot of hopes and dreams but now he has added a professionalism that makes him a difference. After his injury against Ajax, he brought a sports coach to Spain from Brazil and they have worked to make Vinicius stronger, faster, stronger and less prone to injury.

He has also changed his daily eating and resting habits and can no longer imagine his life without his personal cook and nightly routine.

The youngster has survived all kinds of criticism and ridicule and made tremendous progress through hard work. He has improved his mentality, but also his technique. Now he can look up and make choices while sprinting, and goals come easier.

The confidence of Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez tried to sign Kylian mbappe until the last minute of the transfer window but always with the thought that “Vinicius will not be touched” as the president adores and falls in love with the Brazilian when he steps in the door of Valdebebas for the first time.

Florentino admires his attitude and surroundings and has been at the club since arriving when he turned down a higher salary to play for Real Madrid. He earns the fourth lowest salary on the squad and has never asked for an extension or raise, despite having grown significantly in his three years at the club.

The president knows he will have to sit down with the player soon, especially if he continues to play at that level, and it is unlikely to happen until next summer.

target Vinicius just want to play for real Madrid, and money will not be an issue when the time comes for these talks.

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