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CONCACAF is pushing for bail because of the World Cup plans supported by Wenger

CONCACAF has called on FIFA not to enforce a decision on hosting the World Cup every two years and has requested that all nations have the opportunity to express their opinion on the matter.

The current FIFA men’s international game calendar ends in 2024 and Arsene Wenger tries to re-establish a new schedule in his role as FIFA Chief Executive Officer, but his plans are met with opposition.

CONMEBOL said Friday that South American nations are strongly against a biennial World Cup, and CONCACAF – which rules the sport in North and Central America and the Caribbean – underscored the importance of having all voices heard in the debate.

A CONCACAF statement said: “Meetings between FIFA officials and the confederation and CONCACAF member associations will take place in the coming weeks.

“Our initial analysis is that we recognize the merits of creating entirely new international men’s, women’s and youth soccer calendars, underpinned by fewer international match windows, reduced travel time for players, friendly matches with meaningful matches, and a more balanced structure for soccer’s overall benefit to soccer development worldwide.

“We will continue to examine these proposals in a constructive, open-minded manner and in a spirit of positive commitment.

“CONCACAF welcomes the fact that the FIFA boss of [global] Football development, Mr. Arsene Wenger, has transparently shared his vision and we are currently investigating how the proposed changes would affect football in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

“Although CONCACAF’s immediate focus is on its own region, we also believe in the importance of being part of the global football family and we will listen to the views of football players in all parts of the world. With this in mind, CONCACAF supported UEFA and its European football players when investigating recent threats to their own club competition structures.

UEFA spoke out strongly against the plans for a biennial World Cup and warned of a possible boycott if the plans are implemented.

The statement by CONCACAF did not show clear resistance to the plans of UEFA and CONMEBOL, but nevertheless urged caution.

“Football in all parts of the world should be given an equal opportunity to participate in the development of an international FIFA football calendar. This is not the time for scaremongering, nor is it right for the interests of the few to dominate this process or for one region to be given more weight than others.

“We encourage not only our confederations, but also all members of the global football family to come together and work together to create FIFA calendars and competitions that will be beneficial to the development of football in all regions of the world.”

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