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Most controversial FIFA 22 ratings – Messi-Ronaldo Duopoly Broken

October is just around the corner and it’s an exciting time for football fans. It marks the release of a new installment of EA Sports’ popular gaming franchise FIFA. FIFA is the biggest online soccer game and has billions of fans around the world. The latest installment of the franchise is FIFA 22, which hits the market on October 1st. Of course, the game offers early access to users who purchase its Ultimate editions. Usually, FIFA gets a lot of buzz with its player ratings before it is released.

FIFA offers its users many game modes, of which Ultimate Team is the most popular of all. The Ultimate Team (FUT) is an online mode where a player can be the manager of their dream team and build it from scratch. You can sign players who are divided into different classes and rarities based on their ratings. FIFA recently released player ratings for their latest installation.

FIFA player ratings depend on many factors, such as a player’s form, their impact on their team, and all-round displays. It’s impossible for EA to please everyone with its FIFA player ratings and they know it. The digital giant wrote a cheeky quote that read “Let the debates begin” in its official tweet. Of course, the controversy began after the reviews became known.

Lionel Messi retained his position as the top rated player of the game with 93 points on his name. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo has dropped out of the top two for the first time in ages. The Polish sniper Robert Lewandowski rightly takes his place. The game’s cover star for the second straight year, Kylian Mbappe, is rated 91.

We’re looking at some controversial player ratings for FIFA 22.


The legendary Portugal international is incredibly strong at the age of 36. He finished last season as the top scorer in both Serie A and Euro 2020. After becoming a striker in recent seasons, he has released incredible numbers for his age. Ronaldo made a surprise return to Manchester United from Juventus this summer for one final dance.

But surprisingly, EA Sports decided to lower its rating by one point. Ronaldo was downgraded from 92 to 91 and the decision did not go down well with his fans. This also means that Ronaldo is no longer one of the top two rated players. He now shares the place with Kylian Mbappe, Kevin de Bruyne, Neymar Jr and Jan Oblak at 91.


The Brazilian superstar belongs to a class of players known as the meta-player of the game. Neymar has all the components of a fan favorite in the game. He has a pace north of 90, elite quality passing, shooting and dribbling stats. Plus, the freestyle Brazilian gets a five-star skill rating along with a five-star feeble foot, which means he can perform delicious in-game tricks and tricks to deceive the opposing players. His body type also compliments him to be a go-to player in the game.

Neymar’s FIFA rating stayed the same (Image credit: FIFA 22 / EA Sports)

EA Sports has chosen not to manipulate its rating this season. As a result, Neymar kept his 91 rating in the game. In reality, the PSG striker had a hot and cold season. He was mostly injured during the league season when PSG lost their crown to Lille. He had a strong Copa America during the previous season’s gay end to justify his rating.


The Egyptian winger was a ray of hope for Liverpool last season. His goals won games single-handedly for injury-ridden Liverpool. Salah scored 22 goals in the league and finished second behind Harry Kane in the race for the Golden Shoe. Without Salah’s efforts, Liverpool would not have finished third in the league. He also started the new season in brilliant form with three goals and an assist in four games.

Absurdly, his rating was docked by a single point and Salah was forced to leave the 90-rated club. Salah’s ardent followers did not like the news at all and there was widespread excitement. Liverpool fans saw further setbacks when goalkeeper Allison and her defensive rock Virgil van Dijk were also downgraded. Amazingly, Van Dijk was injured throughout the season and had to drop his rating by one point. There were immediate comparisons to the case of Neymar Jr.


The England international is getting stronger and stronger for Chelsea. Mount under Thomas Tuchel has developed into a sovereign playmaker with a pronounced effect in the last third. He also uses the necessary defensive shift in Tuchel’s system and looks like the perfect player at the moment. The European champions had sub-par euros, but that couldn’t stop them from taking a massive leap in the ratings.

Mount, the 10th Most Valuable Player in the World according to the CIES Football Observatory, rose from 80 to 83 in one year. He is listed as the CM representing box-to-box midfielders.

To the horror of Chelsea fans, Mount is rated one point lower than Phil Foden. Foden had an excellent personal season like Mount and saw an incredible surge in his rating. He earned five points to improve from 79 to 84 in one season. Foden, the most valuable player in the world, is now listed as a CAM, which means an attacking midfielder. The discrepancy between two young English stars is worrying for Chelsea fans.

PEPE – 82

The legendary Portuguese center-back had a majestic season in defense for Porto. He completed a defensive masterclass against Juventus to get his side into the quarter. His form was rightly recognized by EA Sports, who added a single point to his rating. But what amazed everyone was the speed boost he received. At the age of 38, his pace was increased by an incredible 14 points. He now has a total speed of 80.

EA Sports did this tactically to encourage the use of center-backs in position. Pace is a meta-property of the game and players often use full-backs with higher pace in the center-backs. This can be avoided by increasing the pace of traditional center-backs like Pepe.

But without continuity, EA hasn’t improved Ruben Dias and Virgil van Dijk’s pace ratings. Ruben Dias has received a 6-point overall upgrade with no speed boost. Virgil van Dijk received no improvement in his pace either. The inconsistency pointed out by the developers left some puzzles.

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