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When Sir Alex Ferguson’s nephew made his Newcastle United debut

In the first game of the 1989/90 season, Micky Quinn announced his arrival on Tyneside with a four-goal volley against promotion favorite Leeds United.

Newcastle won the game 5-2 and the other toon goal was scored by another debutant in black and white. He had a famous name in the legend and folklore of Geordie and was born in Glasgow just like his famous namesake.

He was also the nephew of Sir Alex Ferguson. Any memories of jogging?

John Gallacher came from Falkirk in June 1989 for £ 100,000. A few eyebrows rose when bald eagle Jim Smith attacked a boy who had only made 16 senior appearances north of the border.

Aside from scoring a wonderful goal on his debut, 20-year-old John showed an outstanding game and was a perfect match for Quinny and Mark McGhee, who made his second debut for the Mags.

A thin and strong-willed winger / striker, young John also scored in our second game of the season. Newcastle soon established themselves as a strong candidate for promotion and John Gallacher became a fan favorite.

He scored 7 goals in 27 games when Newcastle lost auto promotion on the last day of the season. Leeds, the team that John and his teammates struck with the sword last August … finally finished as champions.

Unfortunately, John sustained an aching shin injury in his first season in England that would ultimately end his young career.

He only played twice for Newcastle over the next two seasons before becoming a free transfer in 1992.

He moved to Hartlepool United but it was almost all over by now and John had to retire from the game a year later.

Definitely a boy whose dream was ruined, John Gallacher could really have been a star at Newcastle United in my opinion.

The last thing I heard was John, now 52, ​​the manager of a supermarket back home in Scotland.

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