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Jürgen Klopp pumps into Liverpool’s audience after the victory over Milan

Liverpool beat AC Milan in the Champions League group opener at Anfield – and Jürgen Klopp loved to see it.

It was the first Champions League game to be played on Anfield Road in 18 months, so an electrifying atmosphere was expected where fans would not fail.

The Liverpool fan base was a good voice the whole time, the players fed on that energy and sometimes blew AC Milan down.

After the full-time whistle whistled and Liverpool secured the three points, Klopp made sure he showed his appreciation to the fans by doing his signature fist pump …

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Liverpool fans will be absolutely delighted for a Champions League night under the lights on Anfield Road. From their point of view, it couldn’t have gone much better.

The Reds have by far the toughest group in the competition, with Atletico Madrid, FC Porto and AC Milan. It was important that they won tonight.

They did it, and did it in a dramatic, entertaining way when Klopp inflated his head to the full-time whistle. That’s called good night work for Liverpool.

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