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Read it and cry jealous beggars because Newcastle United is now the richest club in the world

Those last two days at Newcastle United have been surreal.

On Thursday morning I got up and was quickly informed by my brother from Bulgaria that something was going on at the Toon.

I hadn’t seen the previous evening’s news, but I could tell from the excitement of the world that I should better watch it.

Unlike me, he has always been cautious during those exhausting past 18 months. I had always seen his reasoning, but as readers here will know from my articles….

After eagerly reading the news and exiting social media, I knew in my heart and mind that Thursday October 7th would be a meaningful life and a determinant factor for all Newcastle United-minded people.

A few quick phone calls with some of the guys and then it was off for refreshments and updates from Keith Downie on Sky Sports.

There were obviously a few people out and about who had “dipped a shift” and you could feel the nervous anticipation. This was tempered by a sense of camaraderie that this could finally be the day when we would all be freed from Ashley’s shackles…. after 14 disastrous and miserable years.

As the day wore on, our confidence increased by the minute, and in the afternoon we were told that an early announcement of a successful acquisition would be made. When it got due, I looked around the pub and saw joy and relief everywhere. The beer tasted good and after cuddling and shaking hands I set off to soak up everything in solitude.

I had tears in my eyes when I saw the young 16-year-old girl who had taken our campaign to Westminster and who ended up becoming a spokeswoman … Mehrdad Ghodoussi thanked him, along with a few other more than grateful fans.

The scenes outside of St. James Park were really amazing …

I smiled to myself as I realized that many of the Young Us there had finally got their club back … and now maybe feel the pride and joy to support Newcastle United as I used to.

Everything has happened so quickly since the CAT judicial hearing started last week. As I said in my last article on the takeover, I thought we had the EPL in the back of our minds … Now just look at the reaction of the six clubs within the rotten and elite cartel today?

Read it and cry jealous beggars because Newcastle United is the richest club in the world.

While giving back to supporters one thing they longed for more than anything … hope.

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