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Castore hit the jackpot at Newcastle United

Newcastle United teamed up with Castore over the summer.

Castore’s new kit deal partners, plus the chance to run the last club shop Mike Ashley didn’t close.

Castore also takes care of Newcastle United’s online sales.

They say a week is a long time in politics, now when it comes to Newcastle United, two weeks can feel like an eternity.

Exactly two weeks ago (Saturday September 25th, 2021) I sent something in The Mag.

It was initiated because she received an email from Newcastle United / Castore just after 8 a.m. that morning, about seven hours before kick-off in Watford …

The email titled “Get Your Third 21/22 Shirt Today! See how the players wear the 21/22 third kit today ‘…

Castore Newcastle United Third Shirt

I had to say that back then, two weeks ago ..

(Letter on Saturday, September 25, 2021)

Look at the text used …


Prepare for today’s game against Watford in the new 2021/22 Third Shirt.

The abstract design is inspired by the geometric shape of the Tyne Bridge girders. The jersey has attached sleeves, ribbed cuffs and NUFC lettering on the back to inspire every fan. Complete with Castore branding and the NUFC crest on the front. These are some of the carefully thought out details in this third kit.

Better never stop ‘

In all honesty, could it have been more inappropriate?

Castore is clearly a company that wants to make it big in Premier League football and under other circumstances it would be a breeze to get involved with a club like Newcastle United … but this is a Newcastle United owned by Mike Ashley.

I understand the marketing jargon and what the message is trying to be … but with NUFC as it stands now in September 2021, where exactly does “Better Never Stops” fit in?

Imagine the person at, or on behalf of, Castore tasked with selling Newcastle United shirts and accessories to the masses?

Talk about getting a job against the world for the Castore marketing team.

The shirt sponsor just adds to it, it always amused me that there is “FUN” on the team / replica shirts when we have this wretched nightmare of Ashley and Bruce in our hands.

In the ad above, Castore says one of the selling points of this new third jersey is “NUFC lettering on the back to inspire every fan”. I’m sorry, but it will take a lot more than that to inspire me at this point! !

How about “A new beginning. A new shirt. A new better ‘…?

Well, you can’t argue that there’s a new kit out there, as always, all three NUFC shirt designs changed every single season.

But “A New Start” and “A New Better” at Newcastle United…? We wish!

Again, they probably thought it wasn’t possible to use ‘Same Old Sh.t’ and ‘Nothing Ever Gets Better’ at Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United.

It is certainly one of the greatest ironies of all time that Newcastle United has been taken over by someone who has absolutely dominated the high street when it comes to Premier League replica jerseys sales, but the NUFC jersey sales have been in the Past so embarrassingly low 14/15 years. Once upon a time, Newcastle United was among the top few when it came to selling replica and other jerseys, a real money maker for the club …

Perhaps Castore has a bright future, but until Mike sells Ashley and takes people like Steve Bruce away, the part of their Newcastle United operation will be an eternal battle.

Nowhere more than when it comes to positive brand marketing …


In all honesty, if there was anyone on Thursday who was even happier than the Newcastle United fans, it was the Castore people!

Castore has now absolutely cracked the jackpot with Newcastle United.

Everything about what I smiled at two weeks ago has now turned on its head AND makes perfect sense.

‘A new beginning. A new shirt. A new better ‘

I couldn’t put it better myself.

All we need now is for the new Newcastle United owners and Castore to open new stores alongside every single Sports Direct store in Tyneside!

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