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Any candidate to replace Steve Bruce

Poor Steve Bruce.

He basically just saw his lottery numbers, but then he remembers giving that week’s ticket to his least favorite family member as a last minute birthday present.

Newcastle United are billions and billions richer today than they were in early October and while this is great news for the magpies and transfer market lovers, it means trouble for their current manager.

Now that Mike Ashley has sailed away from Tyneside with £ 300million in his pocket, Bruce is officially the least popular man in the North. His days as Newcastle manager felt numbered before the Saudi takeover, but now that the club have an endless pot of money and equal ambition, he is certainly a dead man.

But who will replace him remains a mystery. A slew of names have been rounded up for leadership, and fans are already dizzy to think that the sport’s biggest names are rocking all the way to St James’ Park.

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