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Simeone: Since the day I arrived at Atletico Madrid, I still think I could be sacked

D.iego Simeone greeted Vicente del Bosque Atletico Madrid‘s training ground, with the Spaniard interviewing the Argentine about his coaching career at Rojiblancos.

Although he’s a fan favorite both as a player and now as a coach, Simeone admitted that he lived with constant fear of possible discharge.

“The demands are sky high and the players have to see you like it’s their first training session,” he said in an interview for El Pais.

“Since the day I arrived here, where I’ve always wanted to go back, I’ve lived under the thought that you can get rid of me.”

Asked by the Spaniards World Championship If ever he felt a point where he wanted to leave Atletico, Simeone admitted there were some difficult moments.

“One of the difficult moments was the Champions League final in Milan. The second one we lost,” he said.

“One in the 93rd minute and the other, we got to the closest possible place to win, penalty shootouts.”

After this final against real Madrid, Simeone seemed to be indicating he was leaving but has since made it clear that the words have been taken out of context.

“It has been misunderstood,” he said, instead making it clear that he wanted to know if he “can re-transmit to the players everything that I have given up to this point”.

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