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Steve Bruce gave the last chance to leave Newcastle United with a touch of dignity

Steve Bruce is on his way out of Newcastle United no doubt about that.

The takeover ensures that the club is finally free of this millstone around its neck.

A disastrous appointment, Steve Bruce has had a win rate of less than 19% in the last ten months and has only won seven of the last thirty-seven NUFC games, including one of the eight games Newcastle United has started with in the season onwards.

After the acquisition was complete, Amanda Staveley was unsurprisingly asked about the position of head coach. However, she was very professional and non-committal as she distracted the question with well-chosen words.

It is widely reported that the new owners will meet both players and management / coaching staff on Monday as the club gears up for a huge game against Tottenham on Sunday. A perfect opportunity to usher in this new era in what is certainly a massively manic and positive atmosphere, with a win against a stagnant Spurs team that have lost their last two away games in the Premier League and conceded six goals.

Aside from the Steve Bruce media groups calling for him to have a chance at a “sentimental” number 1000 career match (as a manager / head coach) next weekend, any sane person, Newcastle fan or not, knows that this invites a disaster for Bruce to still be there.

All of the smart money comes from Steve Bruce being “told” to leave the club on Monday, with The Mail (see below) among the newspapers reporting this as inevitable. They report that a number of sources within the club have told the new owners that Steve Bruce must leave if Newcastle is to have the best chance of a positive result against Tottenham.

The post [and others] report that Steve Bruce received a $ 8 million payout based on the way his contract was drawn up by Mike Ashley

Well, this is Steve Bruce’s very last chance to leave Newcastle United with a touch of dignity.

He has repeatedly claimed to be a huge Newcastle United fan who only wants the best for the club, only on Thursday (see below) when the takeover went through.

His media peers, led by chief cheerleader Luke Edwards (as recently as Wednesday – see below), have repeatedly said that Steve Bruce is not motivated by money, that his insistence on refusing to quit the NUFC is only because of how In principle it’s 60 years old, it’s definitely not about (so claim Edwards and Co.) desperately holding on to get a massive payout from club money.

So here’s a chance for Steve Bruce to prove the opposite to at least so many of us when it comes to his motivations … to take £ 8m out of Newcastle United’s cash flow he doesn’t in any way want to detract from the club’s chances Avoid possible relegation that he (Steve Bruce) and Mike Ashley brought to the door of NUFC.

The choice is yours, Steve.

The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards on Steve Bruce’s position in Newcastle – October 6, 2021:

“I’ve made my opinion clear several times.

“I urged him to go away at the end of last season and over the course of the summer.

“He’s not going to give up, not because of the money, but because he feels that the team, the staff and the players need him.”

Steve Bruce to speak to The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards – Thursday October 7, 2021:

“I want to go on, I want to show the new owners what I can do, but they have to be realistic and they may want a new manager to get things off the ground for them.” New owners usually want a new manager. I’ve been around long enough to understand that.

“I won’t be bitter or angry about anything, whatever happens. Of course it will be sad when I lose my job, it’s the job I’ve wanted all my life, certainly since I became a coach and as hard as it was, I was immensely proud to be the manager of Newcastle United. That will never change.

“I really hope this is the start of an exciting new era, it definitely sounds exciting when you read how much money Saudi Arabs have. I didn’t know about it until the news broke yesterday.

“I think whoever took over Rafa it would be tough. I don’t think people wanted me from the start, in the local media and in the fans.

“The takeover is an opportunity for this club to become what every fan has wanted for so long. If that’s really the case, I’m happy for the fans because that’s me at the end of the day. “

The Mail Report – October 10, 2021:

“Steve Bruce will be fired this week after the Newcastle owners realize the negative impact his presence could have on their opening game against Spurs.

Sportsmail reported last week that the 60-year-old would be leaving the club in light of the Saudi Arabia-led acquisition and that his payout is at £ 8million.

Sportsmail believes former Borussia Dortmund coach Lucien Favre is one of those under consideration, as is Leicester’s Brendan Rodgers and Rangers boss Steven Gerrard.

Current co-head coach Graeme Jones is expected to temporarily take responsibility for the sell-off game with Spurs live on TV.

Sources say the new owners realized that leaving Bruce on site for Sunday’s game risked destroying the cheering atmosphere.

They have also spoken to several in and around the club and know that an immediate change would help the team, who are without a win and run second to bottom in the Premier League.

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