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Thomas Partey: I am ready to sacrifice to play in any position to help Ghana

Ghana’s midfielder Thomas Partey has announced that he will always make sacrifices to play in any position to help Ghana.

The Arsenal man played in two different positions on Saturday as the Black Stars beat the Warriors of Zimbabwe 3-1 in qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

When asked where it is most convenient to play in a post-game interview, Thomas Partey said he will play anywhere as long as it helps his team win games.

“I think it’s the coach’s decision and he knows where every player can play on the pitch. We started with me playing at the back because we have a lot of talent in front of us who can score goals. The couch made a change for Baba to come in and I went forward.

“Wherever I can help in the national team, I’m ready to sacrifice. I don’t mind defending, attacking. Every time I have to play for Ghana, I don’t mind sacrificing and playing in every position, ”said Thomas Partey after the game.

In the game against Zimbabwe, Thomas Partey scored when he was pushed forward in the second half.

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