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“Come and join the 97% of fans who wanted and believed in the Newcastle United takeover”

For those of us who believed in the Newcastle United acquisition consortium and felt they were wrongly prevented from taking over this club, we are absolutely thrilled with this week’s transformative news.

For those of you who ridiculed Keith Patterson and others and questioned the determination of the Newcastle United acquisition consortium and didn’t believe the EPL and Big Six are blocking this deal, well … go ahead and join the 97% of the time Fans who wanted and believed in this takeover of Newcastle United.

We can now all be truly united again and what a powerful force NUFC fans can be as we support this team with our full support and eliminate the snipers and factions and agendas.

Boycotters can return and join their friends as we all look forward to what is probably the most exciting time of our lives.

I do not want to get into the debate on the Saudis, so I am only making this brief comment about them.

They have a vision, at first sight they have plans to change and let us consider this fact – they now have a business with a wife and a Jewish family. If that doesn’t indicate a change in the Saudi way of thinking, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

We all know that they have a very long way to go and that their human rights attitudes urgently need to be changed.

It would be fantastic if they could start making real change in their country during this trip with Newcastle United. Okay, that’s enough.

What’s amusing is that the cloak of secrecy took off the self-proclaimed Big Six well and truly, with main protagonist Daniel Levy publicly spitting his dummy over it – I hope we stick with him on his Spurs side next week.

The fact that this takeover of Newcastle United was prevented by him and others a year ago is disgusting and good, they will feel the pressure for the next few years as Spurs will hopefully be pushed far from the top four places (which they are drifting, of course anyway already from it).

Patience must be our motto at the moment, it will not be an overnight success, but with the right fillings in key positions: DOF, manager, academy, scouting and significant investments in the club infrastructure, we can then give ourselves a platform to add to that Players added over time to change our roster.

I am still tweaking to realize this is real and I am writing this as a reality rather than a long cherished dream.

I wrote an article earlier that said that with the right investment, NUFC are as big a club as Liverpool and Man Utd and much bigger than Citeh or Chelsea. Some people made fun of this idea.

Well, my friends, let’s just see where this takes us.

I believe that one of the biggest challenges for the consortium over the next decade will be, the St fan base would be better off finding another location in town or just outside of town to build a new home.

You may think that’s a stretch, but if we can regularly attract 50,000 Bruceball viewers, that’s not that far-fetched, is it?

Liverpool and Man Utd were only able to overtake Newcastle in terms of major trophies won by 1969.

So historically we have been more successful than them.

Yes, in modern times, in the last 50 years, we have fallen far behind both of them.

Don’t underestimate the Saudis, they don’t come in second no matter how hard Amanda tries to dampen enthusiasm, they will try to be number one, not just in England but around the world.

What a time to be a toon fan hold on tight this is going to be a ride!

The Mackems are gutted, what a shame, watch out for the gap !!

Looking forward to next week, what a mood it will be, Howay the guys !!

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