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A beIN Sports request to Steve Bruce to take responsibility for Spurs leads to reactions from Newcastle fans …

When Newcastle fans heard that Mike Ashley had left St. James Park, the next thought for many of them was when Steve Bruce would follow him through the exit door.

A date Newcastle fans thought was shocking in July 2019 and nothing in those 27 months in between to convince anything else.

Overwhelmingly horrific negative football, clueless tactics, embarrassing excuses … and those were / are Bruce’s best points!

Only two wins in twenty-one games in a period of four and a half months last season, then this season started in eight games without wins, the second bottom of the Premier League and no other PL club have conceded more goals.

So it’s clear that Steve Bruce will be waved away as soon as possible before he can do any more damage?

But maybe not such an easy decision for everyone …

Andy Kerr (beIN Sports presenter and Newcastle United fan) via Twitter:

“With all the anticipation for the new arrivals in Newcastle, do the fans want Steve Bruce to hit the 1000-game mark at Newcastle United? (He is now at 999).

Whatever you think of his track record at SJP, would it be tough to leave him stranded shortly before such a milestone?

Hopefully Andy will recover from what appears to have been a major blow to the head (usually has very good / interesting points when talking about NUFC and wrongly assuming that everyone who works at beIN Sports is on Richard’s level Keys is) when he comes With this suggestion / poser, his Newcastle fans’ answers are pretty conclusive …

Jamie Smith:

“No, because it’s about NUFC, not Steve Bruce.

He put us second in the table and we can’t afford 3 points to lose on one of the greatest days in our history.

Cabbage oot. ‘

Jamie Swan:

“So Harold Shipman beats 999 grandmas. Got caught right … should we luckily give him another one? ‘

Jazz Paul:

“I’m not even a Newcastle fan, but the thought of him missing an ultimately meaningless milestone that will mean a ridiculous sum to him gives me the kind of erection that could cut an oak tree.”

Rafa Bingo1:

“Nobody who supports a club he was near as a manager has anything but contempt for the richest farmer in Great Britain.”

Mr. Scharf:

“Maybe you give him 5 years and let him direct a game as a guest – maybe one of the dead games between winning the league and the CL final?”

Julio Taylor:

“Introduce him to the reserves and he can stay there until his contract expires.”

Michael-Chay Hayden:

“Also incredibly funny.

As he has been portrayed by the media, he should easily get another prem job.

Rob Watson:


Taxi for Bruce

The three points a new player could get could hold us up.

No sentimentality in football.

Also, in my opinion, he had about 80 too many.

Michael Laverton:

“The three points Bruce could get could keep us updated. The takeover could rejuvenate the players knowing they are playing for a train or a seat.”

John Milton:

‘He can do it in his next high profile job.’

Mark Lockey:

“Given what we have been told by various’ experts’ over the past 2 years, he will take another PL job and still reach the milestone. ‘

El Paso De Cans:

‘No chance.

Why would the new owners want to smooth the vibe by having an utter enthusiasm in digging.

His time is up. No room for sentimentality. ‘

MBE Jock McBurnsie:

“It wouldn’t be anything special then make sure he does NOT do it.

Terrible man who doesn’t earn anything but his P45.

He’s got enough favors.

What kind of game did Ted in Byker have to run the club on his 70th birthday?


“He’s history, along with Ashley & Charnley.

Thursday was the beginning of a new, exciting era for the club and its loyal fans.

Steve Bruce is no longer part of his future so getting rid of bad trash is good in my opinion.

I can’t take care of his 1000th game. ‘

King of Northumbria:

‘Please God No.

It would kill the atmosphere and excitement.

The stadium will rock, the atmosphere electrifying. Unless Bruce is there. “

I ss:

‘No thanks x.’

Rutger Bonks:

“He is very fortunate to have added 96 games to his #nufc record for which he should be grateful.”


“I would like him to be released 1 minute before kick-off to raise his hopes even further.”

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