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Sassuolo did something different to stay in the Serie A Femminile title race

STADIO ENZO RICCI (Sassuolo) – Sofia Cantore to adjust Sassuolo on the way to what appears to be three comfortable points via Empoli in Serie A female on Sunday afternoon, but a quick double the Azzurre meant the Neroverde had to show an unprecedented side of themselves to claim victory.

Just like Juventus the day before, Sassuolo flew at Stadio Enzo Ricci and caused Empoli all sorts of problems as Cantore and Strike partner Lana Clelland was her usual problematic self for their opponents. The Scot’s move drew Empoli everywhere they didn’t want to – and couldn’t afford, and the Italian benefited by getting in the back behind goalkeeper Alessia Capelletti.

Clelland hit the post with the next Sassuolo who doubled his lead in the first half and Empoli had their own chances with Chante Dompig lively for the visitors but Sassuolo came into the break one goal ahead and it was hard not to think the Tuscans missed the only chance they would get.

That was reinforced after the break. A ball broke into Clelland outside the box and her low shot was blocked, but only for it to fall at Kamila Dubcova’s feet to knock her off. Cantore got their second and Sassuolos third after Clelland missed a golden chance to get into the top scorer list himself.

At that point the game looked dead and Gianpiero Piovani took off his front two as soon as Cantore scored their second goal. However, Empoli scored immediately and then grabbed another one to make it 3-2. From there, the afternoon couldn’t have been any less pleasant for the Neroverde.

Sassuolo’s fight keeps her in the Serie A Femminile title race

It’s still very early in the season when the second international break arrives, but Juventus’ streak of winning each of their last 30 Serie A Femminile games shows the importance of not just avoiding defeat, but avoiding defeat Winning every single game to pass a chance comes in May.

With a little luck on his side, Sassuolo managed to keep three more points and to draw level with Juventus with 18 points from six rounds.

They almost didn’t make it. In the 91st minute and after four minutes of injury, Dompig had a cross shot that bounced back from the post and hit Neroverde goalkeeper Diede Lemey when she fell to the ground, only to trickle to the corner when it was so easy to get between the posts .

Benedetta Orsi was introduced by Piovani to add another body in the center-back after Empoli’s second, and the extra presence was sometimes enough to push the Azzurre’s ventures into the box.

Sofia Cantore just keeps getting better

The sky is the limit for Sofia Cantore. The 22-year-old has been unplayable since joining Sassuolo this summer and no defense she has encountered could find a way to silence her.

The Italian international has scored five goals in six games this season. What is more impressive, however, is that she has scored nine goals and provided four assists in her last eleven Serie A Femminile games.

She scored nine goals in midfield Florentia – now Sampdoria – last season, including three penalty shoot-outs, but Cantore stepped up over the summer and Sassuolo and Azzurre fans had their hands rubbed.

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