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Newcastle United’s new owners demanded that Steve Bruce be kept and given money

Steve Bruce’s fan club is making its final stand.

While strong rumors circulate that he will soon be losing his job, Newcastle United’s new owners have instead been urged to keep Steve Bruce and give him money to spend.

So thinks Gabby Agbonlahor (see below), who happens to be a close friend of Steve Bruce and is also one of his former players.

No wonder that this circling of the wagons takes place at Talksport, the nerve center for the ridiculous Steve Bruce and General Newcastle United, who end up nonsense for countless weeks, months, years …

How about this cracker from Danny Murphy on Talksport this morning (Monday October 11, 2021):

“Antonio Conte has never fought relegation, Steve Bruce is better equipped to keep up.”

It is all very reminiscent of when (Champions League, double La Liga, double Europa League winner) Rafa Benitez was reportedly totally unfit for promotion to Newcastle as he had failed to make it in the championship before.

To our amazement (not!), Apparently good managers can get by in different circumstances, Rafa Benitez completely rebuilt the squad in the summer of 2016, making a £ 40m profit on transfers for Mike Ashley and then leading Newcastle to promotion as champions.

Now Antonio Conte (won Serie A three times with Juventus, won the Premier League with Chelsea, won Serie A with Inter Milan only months ago) would be a worse choice than Steve Bruce (never won as a coach, never in the top 9 in the Premier League, but a lot of experience in the fight against relegation, some of them unsuccessful …).

The thing is with clowns like Danny Murphy, who has a lot of experience saying stupid things about Steve Bruce and Newcastle United. They say these things without checking their facts.

Amusingly (considering what Danny Murphy says), before Antonio Conte got his chance at Juventus in 2011, he actually had a lot of experience battling relegation.

In his first management job, Conte fought unsuccessfully in 2006/07 to save Arezzo from relegation to the Italian third division.

Next up was Conte in Bari, successfully holding them in Serie B in 2007-08 when they arrived mid-season and then moving them up in 2008-09.

At Atalanta in the 2009-10 season Conte fought relegation from Serie A and as things got uncomfortable due to the actions of the club’s “ultras”, the coach received police protection and eventually resigned mid-season.

Finally, before Conte got the job at Juventus, Conte made promotion to Serie A in 2010/11 after taking over the relegation club.

Basically, Antonio Conte completed his five-year apprenticeship and fought against relegation or promotion in each of his first five seasons in management.

You have to laugh, Danny Murphy inadvertently pointing at someone who has very valuable experience in combat at the bottom AND with outstanding success at the top!

Gabby Agbonlahor in conversation with Talksport – Sunday, October 10, 2021:

“Newcastle is in a relegation battle at the moment.

“I would keep Steve Bruce, give him some money to spend in January, give him a chance, he had no money in his managerial career.

“See what players he can bring in to help this squad of players and then see how it plays out over the course of the season.

“If you bring Conte with you now, he could come and think, ‘This is difficult, is it already January?’

“He deserves a chance, people are too quick to say ‘let him go’ and get this or that manager, but in a relegation battle it is dangerous to change such a manager.

“Steve Bruce knows these players, he knows the right formations to play with this group of players.

“They bring Conte and he could try a different style of play and he may not get what he wants from these players because they are not good enough compared to what he’s used to.”

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