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The Man Utd borrower names a star he wants to snatch into Solskjaer’s team

Manchester United winger Facundo Pellitri says he is aiming for a role on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team while battling for season at Alaves.

The 19-year-old joined United in October 2020 after the Red Devils failed to land Jadon Sancho in the summer. In fact, he signed on with ex-Atalanta teenager Amad Diallo in a thrilling one-two blow.

After being loaned to Alaves for the second half of last season, Pellitri moved again to the Spanish club this season.

The Uruguayan fought in La Liga for minutes in 2020/21 and hoped he would fare differently. However, United now faces a decision on whether to call him back and maybe send it somewhere else.

Pellitri has yet to spend 90 minutes at Alaves this season. He also made his biggest contribution recently with a 45-minute performance in mid-September.

Speak with The athlete, the striker insisted that he would like to play on the right wing for manager Solskjaer’s team.

Nevertheless, he referred Sancho‘s arrival as a big reason why he’s gone to get more playing time. But in the midst of his battle for match action, he opened up to frustration.

“I’m looking for minutes, I want to play, start getting experience in the different types of games,” Pellitri said. “I want to play on the right wing, but I can play on the left.

“When you come on, game history is already written, it’s difficult and you don’t always play in your natural position.

“And I want to improve by playing and coming back to Manchester as a better player and joining the first team, but first I have to get used to Europe and play regularly. I’m only 19, but regular playing time is important. “

Back in Manchester, Sancho played a regular role for United but hasn’t scored his first goal yet.

The £ summer signing was one of the reasons Pellitri – who played for United preseason – chose to leave.

Pellitri wants match action

Facundo Pellitri

“I felt stronger in the first team, I scored in a derby game for the first team,” he said.

“It was a very tough preparation, the hardest I’ve ever had. Physically you are really pushed, the training is so high.

“New players came in, including in my position (Jadon Sancho), so I thought it would be a good idea to be loaned out again. The best thing for a gamer is to play and for a young gamer to gain experience.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Pellitri revealed how his signature almost cost him his move to United.

He had started using a more “adult” signature that resembled that of a “baby” – spelled FACUNDO PELLISTRI – that he had used.

However, the transfer forms had to be rewritten and reprinted as his old signature was on earlier papers.

As a result, United had to extend the deadline by an hour.

“I was so concerned because if the papers were wrong I couldn’t sign for United, but I couldn’t play for Penarol either,” said Pellitri.

“My friend kept updating the United website to see if I had signed up. Finally she called: “Look! Manchester have put you on their side! ‘ We all started celebrating. “

Alaves are next in action when they take on Real Betis next Monday. Man utdMeanwhile, he faces Leicester on Saturday.

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