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Southgate not convinced of biennial World Cup proposals

England coach Gareth Southgate is not convinced of the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years and questions the feasibility of continually adding to the football calendar.

The idea of ​​a biennial World Cup had been circulated in the past, but in recent months it seems to have become a much more likely next step for the competition.

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger publicly backed the idea back in July, and as FIFA’s head of global football development, the Frenchman has argued that a revision of the international football calendar is both “what fans want” and a necessity for improving player wellbeing.

FIFA conducts a feasibility study every two years on the prospect of a World Cup and held an online summit last month to discuss plans.

However, FIFA’s proposals, supported by Wenger, have met with rejection from many key stakeholders such as confederations, officials, leagues, players and clubs.

UEFA was particularly devastating to the idea, with President Aleksander Ceferin openly in opposition and Vice-President Zbigniew Boniek callously questioning the sanity of such a proposal.

Southgate was less direct, but still expressed a hint of disagreement.

“I don’t know how far things have progressed. There seemed to be a lot of things that weren’t in the original proposal I was shown; It’s hard to keep track, ”he told reporters on Monday ahead of England’s World Cup qualifier against Hungary.

“We all want high-level games; the Nations League has shown the quality and that’s exactly what we want to do, but you can’t just keep entering the calendar.

English midfielder Mason Mount was present at Southgate and agreed to the idea that players should be consulted in drawing up such proposals, although he appeared open to participating in a major tournament every year.

“I would love that, but after the euro and everything we’ve been through, it is [recovering mentally] probably took longer than anything, ”he said.

“You think about how it went – it was obviously such a big heartbreak to go all the way, then it was difficult to fall at the last hurdle.”

Commenting on the players ‘consultation, he added: “The players’ opinion would be positive, I think.

“We want to play in as many top tournaments and games as possible, we want to be there. Talking to us would be positive and help shape the future. “

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