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Rashford is counting the days to play with his childhood idol, Ronaldo

During his recovery, Marcus Rashford explained why he’s so excited to play alongside his childhood idol: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marcus Rashford grew up and was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s best moments at Manchester United. As a Red Devil, there have been moments when his game has been compared to Ronaldo’s on several occasions. He never thought he would have the chance to play by his side as a return to Manchester was totally out of the question. No sooner was his return announced than Rashford was one of the first to celebrate.

Even though he was hurt, he knew he would get a chance to finally return. Marcus is in the final stages of his recovery and he’s already eager to finally play alongside Ronaldo. At the end of last season, Marcus made the decision to go under the knife to fix a problem on his shoulder. When that happened, he had no idea that Cristiano Ronaldo was coming. After a few months he finally feels that he is returning.

Rashford praises Ronaldo as his favorite player.

During a previous Q&A with Manchester United fans, Rashford identified Ronaldo and Rooney as his favorite players in the world. Today he talked about his recovery and about Cristianos sensational return over the Day star: “My recovery is – I wouldn’t say it’s over because of course I have to keep looking after it – but I’m in a much better place physically and mentally,” he confirmed.

“Last year was a very long season for me, I got this injury at the end of September and it gradually got a bit worse, but now I’m completely free of it, I feel a lot better physically and mentally. Ronaldo’s return is a great feeling for me as a player, but also as a fan of the club. It’s always nice when a club legend finds a way back to the club. Playing with him at Old Trafford is a great feeling and hopefully gives us an impetus to win more trophies.

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