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Steve Bruce is about to leave after the new owners thank him for keeping Newcastle alive

Steve Bruce will present the new Newcastle United owners for the first time on Monday.

Amanda Staveley, Mehrdad Ghodoussi and other staff go to the training ground, where they also spoke to the players.

However, all eyes / ears are on the new owners’ meeting with Steve Bruce and the end result of that meeting.

The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards is a close friend of the Newcastle United head coach and is also regularly used as a trusted media partner delivering public messages about Steve Bruce.

After meeting on Monday, the man from The Telegraph shared (see below) what happened at the meeting between Steve Bruce and the new owners at the training ground and says it took about an hour.

Edwards points out that such a meeting would typically last “90 seconds” rather than an hour if it was just about firing the manager.

That doesn’t mean Steve Bruce is staying, however, as Luke Edwards actually makes it clear that he thinks (knows?)

It’s interesting / amusing that the Telegraph journalist wants to try to pretend he heard what happened from an anonymous person when in reality he is making pretty clear that Steve Bruce directly told him what said became.

I’m saying this because I don’t think there is anyone in the world who believes Luke Edwards got his information from the new owners, so pretty much only one man remains. And of course why would Luke look elsewhere for a source when he can go straight to his buddy who was in the meeting!

I think the new owners have come to terms with this very well so far as it all came together on Thursday and did things very professionally.

While we as fans may want to make Steve Bruce difficult emotionally, it’s a breeze for the new owners to choose the head coach’s brain and get his assessment of what they inherit in relation to the squad in order to treat him with respect ( even if that may scratch many supporters).

Then announce your departure in the next day or two and thank Bruce for his time at the club and wish him all the best, etc. etc.

Now, as Newcastle fans, we really just want things to be done right, there are new owners in place and now we want a quality manager to replace Steve Bruce as soon as possible and business side, then we come to player recruitment when the transfer window is over is.

A new approach is needed as soon as possible when it comes to what happens both on the training ground and on a game day, Steve Bruce definitely has to do it before the game on Sunday, yes before the press conference before the game and the accompanying one , just be away from media duties. The fan base overwhelmingly doesn’t believe in Steve Bruce’s ability to do the job, and regardless, there’s such a huge gap between Head Coach and the NUFC supporters that could never have been made up.

Luke Edwards of The Telegraph in conversation with BBC 5 Live Sports – October 11, 2021:

“I find it fascinating because the meeting lasted about an hour, which is a very, very long time for a meeting if you’re going to fire a manager, normally it would generally be about 90 seconds.

“I think it’s been talked about a lot and I think what this probably tells us is that Steve Bruce doesn’t approach it with bitterness.

“I think he probably spoke to the new owners.

“I think they wanted to pick his brain, I think they asked him questions, I think he gave a rating to the squad.

“And I think that shows that they’ll probably split on pretty good terms.

“I do, I’ll hurry to add, I think Steve Bruce I think he will leave before the Tottenham game.

“I think this meeting was polite and I think it was right for the new owners.

“And I hope you actually thanked him.

“I understand that you may have thanked him today for keeping the club in the Premier League so that this takeover could take place.

“I think we’re going to find out the future of Steve Bruce in the next 24 to 48 hours and I wouldn’t expect him to be in the dugout against Tottenham.

“But I think it was done right and they show him some respect which I think he deserves.”

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