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Shocking reports that the soccer legend molested the 16-year-old and locked her in a hotel room while the manager was using sex toys

According to recent and very worrying reports, soccer legend Diego Maradona molested a 16-year-old Cuban girl before his death last year.

That comes from an exclusive report from the global outlet Infobae, which claims to have seen footage of Maradona and a girl who was 16 years old at the time of the footage. The story was also broadcast on the mainstream UK edition of The Telegraph. The full video can be viewed on Infobae’s website via the link above.

It has been alleged that former Argentine striker Mavys Alverez locked her in a hotel room while she was alive and frequently pelted her with drugs in order to have an abusive relationship.

Image courtesy of Infobae

Infobae’s report shows how Maradona filmed the par in the hotel room from the footage she saw before turning the camera on himself, which revealed the two of them in bed together – the point of sale also describes how Alverez looked sad in the video.

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Shockingly, further details claim that the ex-gamer’s manager, who occasionally also visited the hotel room, was filmed using a sex toy.

Image courtesy of Infobae

The footage is believed to go back several years, and although Cuban law at the time did not prohibit sexual relations with a 16-year-old, Infobae notes that it was apparent from the footage uncovered that the couple’s relationship was based on abuse.

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