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They are just hypocrites, a lot of them

Well, as expected, the self-proclaimed “Big Six” of the Premier League and their cannon fodder are causing a stir.

I can’t say that it bothers me, in fact I have to laugh a little.

Then there is the human rights aspect, which I have sympathy for, but I don’t think it should flow into football. We live in a troubled world.

The “Big Six” of the Premier League … well, aren’t they the same clubs that wanted to break into a European Super League?

What a nerve to say that Newcastle United tarnishes the English Premier League’s good name, this is the same league they were only too happy to play.

Hypocrite the multitude of them.

As far as I’m concerned, they can still go, go on, and multiply. It’s great to see them squirm. We’re not there yet, but soon.

These owners likely support our government who sell arms and do other business with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Is that different? More the cause?

Then there are the news writers, club officials and newspaper journalists who have taken part in Grand Prix and boxing events in this country, or is that different? Did you like the hospitality boys and girls?

Well done and nothing can be done about it.

No doubt the fans are hated and other Premier League teams will be motivated when they play against us.

We can even go under … but we will come back bigger and stronger.

Finally united, a club, keep your faith, enjoy the roller coaster ride.

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